We're committed to ensuring opportunities are available to all staff and students, regardless of age. So your age will never be a barrier to employment rights, benefits or courses unless it can be objectively justified.

Age Awareness Month

January is Age Awareness Month in the college. Thousands of people of all ages call Glasgow their home and we are proud to reflect this in our college.

Despite a population living longer than ever, and the opportunities available to young people growing all the time, generational differences and a lack of understanding can sometimes lead to stereotypes and myths about different age groups. Falling in January when cold weather and winter conditions can make older people vulnerable, Age Awareness Month is a chance to challenge these misconceptions and to celebrate a society and a college where people of all ages live and work together, and where opportunities are open to anyone, regardless of age.

Answers to our table-topper quiz questions

1. In Scotland, between 2001-2011, by what percentage did the population aged 65 and over rise?

10.6%  (Source Glasgow City Council Census)

2. What is the average life expectancy of a man and woman living in Glasgow?

In 2013-15, a boy born in Glasgow was estimated to be likely to live for 73.4 years. In 2013-15, a girl born in Glasgow was estimated to be likely to live for 78.8 years. (Source Understanding Glasgow)

3. Of the estimated 90,000 people who have dementia in Scotland in 2017, how many are under the age of 65?

3,200. You can see more statistics at Alzheimer’s Scotland’s website

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