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Student competes at the WorldSkills UK Skills Show in Birmingham

What is WorldSkills UK?

A world of opportunities and chances to succeed

WorldSkills UK Competitions bring together apprentices and young people from across the country to compete to be the best in their chosen skill. High-level employability skills that employers are crying out for.

They inspire next generations to be ambitious in their pursuit of excellence while equipping them with life-long, world class skills. These talented individuals will be key in helping UK businesses compete on the global stage and raise standards to an international level. Inspiring apprentices to be ambitious in their careers, WorldSkills UK Competitions equip young people with the right skills to help UK businesses compete better globally.

WorldSkills UK Competitions bring together apprentices and students from across the country to compete to be the best in their chosen skill.

Designed by industry experts, the competitions assess an individual’s knowledge, practical skills and employability attributes against a set of strict criteria.

Competitions enable apprentices and students to develop world-class skills. They accelerate a person’s career by providing a mechanism to develop the 

What do WorldSkills Competitions involve?

Each competition is a series of tests, designed by industry experts, which focus on the highest UK and international standards.

Competitions are designed to test a competitor's knowledge, practical skills and attributes valued by employers including successful completion of tasks set, problem-solving, time management and working under pressure.

Competitors are marked against a rigorous framework that meets the WorldSkills UK quality assurance standards. 

There are over 60 different WorldSkills skills competition taking place each year with competitors aiming to be named the UK Champion in their chosen skill.

Outstanding competitors, aged 18 - 25, who excel in WorldSkills UK Competitions will be invited to compete for a place in the team that represents the UK at WorldSkills; the biennial international skills competition.

Learners and apprentices can register to take part in the Worldskills UK National Competitions from 1 March 2017.

The WorldSkills Academy at City

The WorldSkills Academy at the City of Glasgow was established in 2013 to provide sustained high-level teaching strategies. Working in genuine partnership with industry, work-based learning models and activities are supported at each stage of the learner/apprentice journey with coaching at its core. The work-based learning models inspire and motivate learners to be the best they can be. 

Committed to embedding and fostering a culture and ethos of high performance and achievement enables our learners and apprentices develop world-class skills allowing them to compete and work on a national and global marketplace, in contrast to the traditional emphasis on how skills can be developed and assessed for qualification purposes.  Our learners/apprentices are job ready equipped with skills for learning, skills for life and skills for work.

Benefits and opportunities include:

  • Working to international standards.
  • Working with national/international briefs which are updated every 2 years to reflect the latest industry and technological insights.
  • Exposure to excellence.
  • Achievement and mastery of World-class skills.
  • Enhanced personalised learner development and growth.
  • Reducing the skills shortage.
  • Increased productivity.
  • Raising standards in technical and vocational education.
  • Develop professional practice/reflective practice.

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Further Information

Visit the WorldSkills UK website for more information.

If you require further information regarding WorldSkills UK activities at City of Glasgow College, please contact:

Margaret Darroch
Head of Skills Academy and Development
Telephone: 0141 375 5272
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Get Involved

For more information about the competitions and how you can get involved, visit the WorldSkills UK website. You can also find out more about our student competitors here.