MCA/SQA Engineering Examinations

Student working in the Engineering Workshop

City of Glasgow College is an SQA approved examination centre to conduct MCA's CoC written examinations at:

  • Chief Engineer (Unlimited level) - last diet July 2017.
  • Second Engineering (Unlimited level) - last diet July 2017.
  • Management (Unlimited level) - starts from March 2017.
  • Management level exam guidance.

Details for Exams 2019/20 coming soon.

Exam timetable and venue
Application deadlines
How to book exam(s)
How to make payment
Visa support letter
Engineering exam results

Exam Timetable for 2017/18

Exam Venue

Exams will take place at our Riverside Campus.

City of Glasgow College
Riverside Campus
21 Thistle Street
G5 9XB

Application Deadlines

Please ensure you have submitted your completed examination application with all the necessary supporting documents as per the following deadlines. We will endeavour to accommodate all applicants however, due to operational reasons, we may not accept applications submitted after the following deadlines.

Exam Diet Exams Starts Exams End Non Visa Applicants Visa Applicants
October 15th Oct 2018 19th Oct 2018 28th Sep 2018 30th Aug 2018
December 10th Dec 2018 14th Dec 2018 23rd Nov 2018 26th Oct 2018
March 25th Mar 2019 29th Mar 2019 8th Mar 2019 8th Feb 2019
July 15th Jul 2019 19th Jul 2019 28th Jun 2019 31st May 2019

How to Book Exam(s)

Please send all the following to

1. Fully completed application form - please ensure you complete the correct form 

2. Scanned copy of your passport including photo and address pages (if required Visa Support Letter);

3. Scanned copy of course completion certificates for all the subjects applied to book the Exams for;

4. Scanned Copy of Exams Transfer Letter (if applicable);

5. Address for correspondence.

MCA Qualifications

Learn more about MCA Qualifications.

How To Make Payment

You may choose one of the following methods to make the payment.

  • Bank Transfer.
  • Bankers Draft.
  • Credit/Debit Card.

You will need to send us the soft/electronic copy of the bank transfer receipt so we can track the payment at our end. Please make sure you have provided full name and MCA/SQA Engineering Exams as a reference for the bank transfer.

If you choose to pay by “Banker’s Draft”, please ensure that the Draft is payable to “City of Glasgow College”.

If you have sat any of MCA/SQA CoC examination(s) at the City of Glasgow College (formerly Glasgow College of Nautical Studies GCNS) in the past, or have completed a course with us, you will not be paying the facilitation fee (as seen on the examination form).

If you have completed your relevant approved course(s) in Colleges other than the City of Glasgow College, and have not sat the examinations with us previously, then a facilitation fee of £100.00 will apply.

Visa Support Letter

Visa support letters may be provided on request. For visa support letters to be issued, it is important that we receive your completed application form by the deadline. We will not be able to issue a Visa Support Letter if we receive your completed application form after the deadline.

Results for MCA/SQA Engineering examinations usually take 8 weeks from the date of the exam before results are declared.


Candidates who have dyslexia and require extra time for the examination should read MIN 435. This details the procedure of applying for extra time.

Engineering Exam Results


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