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Helping pupils, parents and partners

As an inclusive learning environment, we offer educational support to a wide range of pupils, whatever their needs. Programmes range across academic, vocational and supported learning, so there's always something for everyone.

We mainly cater for mainstream schools. However, we also work with additional support for Learning Schools, Complex Learning Needs Schools and Enhanced Vocational Inclusive Programmes.

We're proud of our strong working partnerships with both the Scottish Parent Teacher Council — a first for a Scottish college — and the Glasgow Vocational Education Department.

This section is designed to help pupils, parents and partners discover the choice and content of available courses, as well as showing students in action. So it'll help pupils make the correct subject choice, and give parents a better understanding of transitions and the options available for their children.

We also use this section to gather your feedback to help shape our future. We really value your opinion — so please post your thoughts in the forum section.

If you'd like more information, please email Mary Strachan at:


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