Assessment and Coursework Update

Frequently Asked Questions

The Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) and Colleges Scotland (CS) issued a Joint Statement on 3 April, outlining the agreed way forward nationally in assessing HNC, HND, NC, NPA and NQ units. Colleges across Scotland are working together on a holistic approach, where necessary, to determine passes and grades for this academic year.

College staff will use their professional judgment to assess all student evidence, including knowledge of their students’ progress and achievements to date, and including since our college buildings closed. This will enable lecturers and course teams to take a consistent approach, where possible, in determining grades.

Please be reassured that our College and your lecturer/s are working through the details of the assessment process relative to each course area and will advise you of that as soon as it is finalised.

We hope the following FAQs will help with any concerns that you may have regarding finishing your course and progression to further study or work.    

When will you tell me how my course will be assessed?

We cannot give an exact date at the moment. SQA, CS and City of Glasgow College have been working together to agree the best arrangements for you to your studies as far as possible in these challenging times. It is important that the same opportunities are offered to all students, across Scotland, who are also undertaking your qualification and that takes time.  

When we have an agreed process to assess student results - across the college and on a course by course basis - we will notify you.

Does that mean my course is now finished? 

No. Where possible your learning should continue remotely as we have been encouraging since 17 March. That does not mean your course work is complete yet, it’s just being delivered in a different way. Remote teaching and learning will still take place and it is really important to stay in touch and interact with your lecturer remotely if you can.

What if I need more time to complete my course? 

We understand that everyone has different personal circumstances.  If you are having difficulty or find you cannot complete work you are being set, please let your lecturer know as soon as possible.  

I can’t access my course materials, what should I do?  

Please let your lecturer know if you have difficulty accessing learning materials. We will make decisions based on your progress to date and may ask that you provide additional evidence in a different format, either now or once things return to normal. Any student unable to engage in their learning remotely must let us know as soon as possible.  

What about my practical assessments?

We appreciate that not all courses and learning activities can be done online or remotely. Your lecturer will let you know what changes they have made to your assessments to let you complete as much as possible.

My course requires a health and safety demonstration, or a placement work to be signed off. How can I do this?  

The course examples listed below may require assessment after we return to college. If so, we will be in touch to discuss arrangements with you once we have more detail. In the mean-time you should continue to submit work as advised by your lecturer. Types of courses:

  • specific Health and Safety competencies which must be assessed
  • where there is a high level of practical skills development and testing
  • where qualifications are regulated (SVQ qualifications)
  • where there are mandatory work placement hours to be completed
  • where completion of an award provides entry to a professional organisation or forms a component of a professional qualification. 

Why do I need to submit assessments if the college is closed?  

Face-to-face learning and teaching may have ceased however we have put arrangements in place to enable you to progress with your course remotely. If you have continued to engage with your lecturer and college work, it is more likely that you will have a wider range of assessment evidence to be considered to allow us to determine your grade/result. In addition, some professional bodies (or regulatory authorities) also need assurance of competency to meet future safety requirements.

Can you just give a ‘pass’ to all students instead?   

We recognise that many students are finding this a very unsettling time however, we want to make sure that everyone is treated as fairly as possible during these challenging circumstances. It is therefore very important that any award given is supported by a consistent and fair assessment process, as far as is possible at this time. That will ensure you receive an outcome which reflects the work you have undertaken.  As stated above, if an award forms part of a professional qualification of licence, the professional body (or regulatory authority for that profession) needs evidence of competence.

How will my course result be determined?    

Our College staff are experienced subject specialists and will use all the available assessment evidence you have submitted, as well as course work you have undertaken, to assess whether you have met the course aims. Using this evidence, and their knowledge of your engagement and progress, they will use their professional judgement to assess all your achievements to date.

I have additional support needs. What does this news mean for me?  

Our college has the flexibility to adjust the assessment and make it accessible for you and will continue to work in partnership to support you. Our student services are available to help if you need advice and guidance.  

I have a conditional offer from university and I can’t complete my HN Graded Units. What should I do?   

Lecturers will use Graded Unit work completed to date plus a range of other assessment evidence from other units you have already completed to predict and award a grade where it is possible to do so. This will depend on how much evidence/work is available for you and on the quality of that. You may be asked to do some further work where you can to help support this process. Please continue to keep in touch with your lecturer.

What if there’s not enough assessment evidence to look at and I can’t get an award?   

If you do not achieve your award as a direct result of the impact of college closure, your entry can be left open and you should be given the opportunity to engage in further learning and assessment in the future. 

How can I contact my lecturer?

Lecturers are available via college email ( They will be in touch to let you know what course work to complete. Please be patient as our teaching staff are adapting to remote/home working just like you.

What if I cannot get hold of my lecturer?

Please contact our who will pass your enquiry to the appropriate member of the curriculum team who will be in touch.