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Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supplies (CIPS) Level 2

(SCQF level 5)

, Education and Humanities

Applications closed

Mode of Study


Start Date

31st Aug 2020, 30 weeks


External Site


£ 614


This course is suitable for anyone new to the profession, with little or no business experience and those aspiring to move into a career in procurement and supply. It is also ideal for managers in other professions and business leaders or entrepreneurs who need to understand how procurement should function and its overall impact on business success.

City of Glasgow College are delighted that we've recently had our status as a Centre of Excellence for CIPS renewed.


The qualification cost paid to the college is £599 plus an exam fee of £48 per exam. 

Each module also has a recommended study guide which costs £10 for a hard copy or e-book (depending on your preference). Your tutor will refer to the book throughout the teaching so it is recommended you bring these to every class.

Finally, you must register as a student member of CIPS in order to sit your exams and gain access to the CIPS online resources. The 2019 cost of membership is £187.

Entry requirements

Minimum entry requirements

This is the first of CIPS entry-level qualifications and is suitable for those who want to specialise in a specific occupation, occupational area or technical role. It will prepare learners for work by giving them the opportunity to develop sector-specific knowledge, technical and practical skills, and to apply these skills in work-related environments. This qualification supports learners within operational roles within the procurement and supply profession.

What you study

There are 5 units on this course:-

  • Introducing Procurement and Supply
  • Procurement and Supply Operations.
  • Stakeholder Relationships.
  • Systems Technology.
  • Inventory, Logistics and Expediting.


How the course is taught

The course is delivered by a blended learning approach. You will have 35 hours of class contact time with your tutor and 30 hours of on-line supported learning. 

For each of the 5 modules that you study, you will attend the College for a 4 hour module introduction workshop and a 4 hour exam preparation workshop (10 workshops in total). In between, you will have an hour of on-line group supported study where you will be asked to submit work. This will be marked by your tutor and fed back to you to help with your studies. 

You will also be linked to your fellow classmates via an on-line forum where you can share ideas and offer each other moral support throughout the year.

Additionally, you will have access to a wide variety of course materials on our Virtual Learning Environment (MyCity) to further support your studies. Our library also has a wide variety of resources both in hard copy and on-line which you will also gain access to on induction.

Your classmates and your tutor will act as an invaluable source of motivation during this short course at CoGC. Therefore If you are in employment, we highly recommend that you ask your employer to commit to allowing you time off for each of the workshops and the study time in-between.

  • Introducing Procurement and Supply starts 13/09/19 with an Introduction Workshop (10am-1pm) and finishes on 01/11/19 with an exam preparation workshop (10am-1pm).  Exam will be in November.
  • Procurement and Supply Operations starts 29/11/19 with an Introduction Workshop (10am-1pm) and finishes on 10/01/20 with an exam preparation workshop (10am-1pm).  Exam will be in January.
  • Stakeholder Relationships starts 31/01/20 with an Introduction Workshop (10am-1pm) and finishes on 28/02/20 with an exam preparation workshop (10am-1pm).  Exam will be in March.
  • Systems Technology starts 20/03/20 with an Introduction Workshop (10am-1pm) and finishes on 01/05/20 with an exam preparation workshop (10am-1pm).  Exam will be in May.
  • Inventory, Logistics and Expediting starts 22/05/20 with an Introduction Workshop (10am-1pm) and finishes on 26/06/20 with an exam preparation workshop (10am-1pm).  Exam will be in July.

Assessment methods

All exams are booked by the college and the format is an objective response (OR) exam (or multiple choice). Your course tutor will support you with plenty of practice OR questions in order to prepare you for the exams.

Additional Information


You are required to purchase the CIPS course guide for each unit prior to the commencement of the workshops.

  • Mode of Study:
  • Start Date:
    31st Aug 2020, 30 weeks
  • Location:
    External Site
  • Cost:
    £ 614