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Mathematics Higher

(SCQF level 6)

Adult Learning and Supported Programmes, Education and Humanities

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Mode of Study


Start Date

31st Aug 2019, 32 weeks


City Campus


£ 415


This fast-track course is suitable for you if you have the National 5 Maths course or an equivalent qualification. You will develop skills in selecting and applying mathematical techniques in a variety of mathematical situations.

These skills will enable progression to further learning and to employment. You will experience an in-depth study of the ways in which maths describes our world, and become skilled in interpreting, analysing, communicating and managing information in mathematical form.

As this is a fast track course, it is best suited to independent, self-motivated students who can work to a fast schedule, and dedicate 3-6 hours per week outside college to self-study every week.

Entry requirements

Minimum entry requirements

  • National 5 qualification in Maths or relevant component units.

Additional selection requirements

  • Your initial interview will be in a group setting, highlighting the course programme, prelim information, and student requirements regarding attendance and course work. There will be opportunities for you to ask course lecturers questions.  This will be followed by a one to one short interview where existing qualifications, experience and future goals will be discussed before decisions regarding suitability for this course will be made.

What you study

You will acquire and apply operational skills necessary for exploring mathematical ideas through symbolic representation and diagrams. In addition, you will develop mathematical reasoning skills and will gain experience in making informed decisions.

There are 3 units and a final course exam.

  • Mathematics: Expressions and Functions (Higher) - The general aim of this Unit is to develop knowledge and skills that involve the manipulation of expressions, the use of vectors and the study of mathematical functions. The outcomes cover aspects of algebra, geometry and trigonometry, and also skills in mathematical reasoning and modelling.
  • Mathematics: Relationships and Calculus (Higher) - The general aim of this Unit is to develop knowledge and skills that involve solving equations and to introduce both differential calculus and integral calculus. The Outcomes cover aspects of algebra, trigonometry, calculus, and also skills in mathematical reasoning and modelling.
  • Mathematics: Applications (Higher) - The general aim of this Unit is to develop knowledge and skills that involve geometric applications, applications of sequences and applications of calculus. The Outcomes cover aspects of algebra, geometry, calculus, and also skills in mathematical reasoning and modelling.

Exam preparation is central to the course.  The external exam takes place in May 2020.

After the course


This course or its units may provide progression to:

  • other qualifications in Mathematics or related areas.
  • further study, employment and/or training.

Additional Information


You will need to buy course materials in advance of the course start date. Your tutor will inform you of these in advance.

  • Mode of Study:
  • Start Date:
    31st Aug 2019, 32 weeks
  • Location:
    City Campus
  • Cost:
    £ 415