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Industrial Experience Skills

Nautical Studies & Marine Engineering, Nautical and STEM

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Riverside Campus


£ 1745


MCA are granting 30 days sea time remission for 4 weeks 2 days work in a variety of disciplines.  This equates to 5 days workshop time to 7 days sea time.  

The work ranges from engine room simulator, pneumatic and hydraulics, process rig and electric training rigs and in the marine workshop.  The marine workshop consists of stripping down one cylinder of the diesel engine, complete strip down of a water cooled or air cooled compressor, Hydraulic bolt tensioning, mechanical seals, pump alignment, strip down and rebuild of a ship's diesel engine turbocharger.

Entry requirements

Minimum entry requirements

  • Enrolment on either an NC, HNC, HND, SPD or Degree courses with Marine backgrounds.
  • Engine room ratings could partake in some aspects of this training but may struggle with the academic side and electrical side of the unit.  
  • HND, SPD & Degree students will undertake the SQA HOEK 34 pneumatics and hydraulics unit as part of the SQA units which means they then have to undertake the Advanced Pneumatics & Hydraulics section of the industrial experience.

What you study

  • Marine Engineering.

After the course


All Learner log sheets will be checked that they have been completed and a grade given.  Industrial Experience book will be checked that it has all been signed.  On completion of the book, it will be signed as complete by Curriculum Head, Working Engine Room Manager or Senior Lecturer for Practical Marine Engineering.  The books will then be processed by the administration staff and certificates issued that students can present to the MCA to enable them to claim the 30 days sea time.

Continuing study

Successful students can progress on to:

This course is primarily for Marine Engineering students who may require the 30 days sea time granted on completion of this unit.


How the course is taught

The course is hands on and you will strip down all the practical side in the workshop.  In the pneumatics and hydraulics labs circuits have to be built and tested.  The process control rig and electrical test rig are fault finding rigs.

Assessment methods

  • Pneumatics & Hydraulics HOEK 34 is an SQA unit and follows the SQA guidelines.
  • Advanced Pneumatics & Hydraulics is assessed by lecturer and graded by learner log sheets.
  • Simulator training is by use of a training booklet and all sections of the booklet have to be completed before this section can be signed off.
  • Electric & Process Training rig is assessed by Learner Log sheets and graded by lecturers doing the training.
  • Marine workshop tasks are assessed by Learner log sheets and graded my lecturers doing the training.

Additional Information


  • Pneumatic Training rigs and specialised software.
  • Hydraulic Training rigs and specialised software.
  • Electric training rig with 10 built in faults.
  • Process control rig with setting up and fault finding.
  • Transas engine full mission simulator and Rheinmetall desktop engine simulators.
  • 4 Cylinder 4 stroke diesel engine.
  • 2 stage water cooled air compressor.
  • 3 stage air cooled air compressor.
  • Electric motor and pump for shaft alignment.
  • Hydraulic bolt tensioning jack.
  • A variety of mechanical seals for pumps and through wall drive units.
  • Mounted engine crankshaft to carry out crankshaft deflections.
  • 4 x diesel engine cylinder heads mounted on two benches.
  • 2 x diesel engine turbochargers.
  • Bryce fuel pumps and injectors.
  • Explosion doors.

Dress code

In classrooms, you have to wear uniforms, non-marine students should be smartly dressed.

In workshops, correct PPE has to be worn to suit the activity being carried out. This will normally be safety shoes, boiler suit, safety glasses (which are issued from the store).  Any other item deemed necessary will be issued by the college.

  • Mode of Study:
  • Start Date:
  • Location:
    Riverside Campus
  • Cost:
    £ 1745