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OPITO Control Room Operator (CRO) Emergency Response Assessment

(SCQF level 6)

Nautical Studies & Marine Engineering, Nautical and STEM

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Riverside Campus


The OPITO approved Control Room Operator Emergency Response assessment programme is aimed at personnel who are about to be appointed to a CRO position or to those who are already serving as a CRO. The course is delivered in partnership with SAFER Training.

This assessment programme is designed for Control Room Operators (CRO) who require their Emergency Response knowledge and skills to be assessed in dealing with emergencies and critical situations to OPITO Standards.

An OPITO Approved Control Room Operator certificate indicates that the delegate has achieved a level of competence required to be recognised as a OPITO Certified Control Room Operator.  

An OPITO Approved CRO certificate will be issued to delegates who have been successfully assessed against all of the Performance and Knowledge Criteria.

Course Dates and Bookings

Contact us on or call us on 0141 375 5572 for course dates and costs or to book your place.

Entry requirements

Minimum entry requirements

You must provide a formal declaration from your employer confirming that you have achieved the Performance Criteria in Unit 1, Element 1.1 in the workplace and that you have been deemed ready and prepared for formal assessment (details of the evidence required will be issued with the course joining instructions and will be assessed during the course).

What you study

Module 1 Control Emergencies and Critical Situation:-

1.1 Maintain a State of Readiness
1.2 Assess Situation and Take Effective Action
1.3 Maintain Communications


How the course is taught

The course is taught by instructors who will role play during scenarios based on different major incidents which must cover:

  • Threat to life.
  • Threat to environment.
  • Threat to plant and equipment.

Simulators and enhanced facilities are used to create realistic emergency scenarios.

Assessment methods

You will be assessed against the performance criteria specified in Elements 1.2 and 1.3 of the OPITO standard under simulated conditions using a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 3 emergency scenarios based on the type of asset where you are normally required to fulfil the CRO role as agreed and confirmed by the Duty Holder.

  • Start Date:
  • Location:
    Riverside Campus