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Commissioning, Procurement And Contracting For Care Services PDA

(SCQF level 8)

Health, Social Care & Early Education, Education and Humanities

Applications closed

Mode of Study


Start Date

17th Jan 2020, 30 weeks




9:00 - 17:00


City Campus


£ 1475


This PDA is targeted at individuals who have input into the commissioning, procurement and contracting process for the delivery of care services, and to corporate procurement professionals wanting to develop their expertise in more specialist areas of procurement.  It may also be of interest to employees of service providers who want to extend their understanding of tendering procedures for public sector contracts.

The PDA provides students with an understanding of the policy and legal context for commissioning of care services.  Whilst also providing an understanding of the public sector procurement landscape in Scotland.

Students will develop a range of skills in procurement and contracting, including the knowledge, techniques and good practice required to undertake the process by which public bodies purchase care services from third parties.  Students will also develop knowledge of the key relationships between strategic procurement and strategic commissioning.

You will attend workshops at the college every 4th Friday, complemented by distance learning between workshops.

Entry requirements

Minimum entry requirements

  • Any relevant Scottish Group Award at SCQF level 6 OR
  • An SVQ at SCQF level 6 in a relevant subject area OR
  • Combinations of relevant and equivalent qualifications from other awarding bodies OR
  • Relevant work experience.

Additional selection requirements

  • You should be working within a relevant role for assessments and observations to be undertaken.

What you study

You will study the following topics, plus an additional 2 optional units:-
  • The Policy, Legal and Commissioning Context for Care Services.
  • Analyse Service Needs and Provision for Procurement Decision Making.
  • Procurement Planning.
  • The Tendering Process and contract Award for Care Services.
  • Manage Care Contracts and Monitor Service Provider Performance.
  • Ensure compliance with Legal, Regulatory, Ethical and Social Requirements.

After the course


You will have acquired knowledge and understanding of the policy and legal context for the commissioning of care services, alongside an understanding of the public sector procurement landscape in Scotland.  You can use this to assist in your aspirations for career or academic progression.

Continuing study

Successful students can progress on to:

You may be able to progress on to qualifications at SCQF Level 9.


How the course is taught

The course will be delivered over an 8 month period. Its delivery will utilise expertise from across the College’s faculties and industry partners. 

The course will be delivered via a blended approach, with a combination of distance learning and intensive seminars.

Assessment methods

Assessment will be carried out through a range of methods including work based evidence and activities, briefing papers, presentations, reports and role play.

You will be encouraged to use your own experience, using examples from your role within the procurement and care environment.

Additional Information


You will be provided with a range of learning materials through MyCity and will have access to further materials through City of Glasgow College Library.

  • Mode of Study:
  • Start Date:
    17th Jan 2020, 30 weeks
  • Day(s):
    9:00 - 17:00
  • Location:
    City Campus
  • Cost:
    £ 1475