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Technology Enhanced Learning And Teaching PDA

(SCQF level 8)

Teacher and Training Development, Centre for Professional Technical Education

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Mode of Study


Start Date

9th Sep 2019, 20 weeks

9th Sep 2019, 20 weeks




15:00 - 17:00


City Campus


£ 620


This face-to-face, taught course provides successful candidates with the Professional Development Award (PDA) Technology Enhanced Learning and Teaching.  The course is ideal for you if you are currently teaching, coaching or mentoring learners through formal and informal learning.

This PDA is also relevant for college lecturers, school teachers, tutors, trainers and other staff who are involved in the delivery of learning in schools, Further Education, community, voluntary and private training providers. It may also be attractive to you if you are a new member of staff and wish to enhance your practice by making effective use of ICT resources.

The PDA provides you with opportunities to use digital teaching in your work with learners.

This is a taught course with required attendance, face-to-face input sessions and face to face teaching observations.   

You will be required to attend college for 2 hours per week, 17:00-19:00 every Thursday during the course, as well as being observed twice in your own teaching situation.

Entry requirements

Minimum entry requirements

PDA Technology Enhanced Learning and Teaching entrance qualifications are given below, but please note that relevant work experience will be taken into consideration.  You must teach, tutor or mentor during the course (to any age group or level). You need to make your own arrangements for this and have this in place before signing up for this course.  This will not be arranged by the tutor team. The observations can also be remote via online link, for example if you are teaching online via webinars etc.

The cost of this course includes 2 observations of your teaching within a 50 mile radius of City of Glasgow College (for face-to-face observations). If you are teaching outside this area, please contact us to discuss your requirements and how these may be accommodated. Please note that this may incur a supplementary fee to cover additional costs.

You are expected to have the equivalent of the following:

  • Communication skills at SCQF level 5.
  • IT skills at level 5.
  • Problem solving skills at level 5.

Additional selection requirements

  • You'll have a remote or face-to-face interview where you can find out more about the course and tell us why you're interested in this subject area.

What you study

This Group Award G9YM 48 comprises four HN (SCQF level 8) units.

The units are:

  • Developing e-learning lessons FA53 35.
  • Developing online content F9Y0 35.
  • Deliver and monitor learners’ progress in an e-learning lesson F9XX 35.
  • Facilitate and assess learning F9Y1 35.

You will be assessed continuously throughout this course by completing the following tasks:

  • Create Individual Digital Skills Profiles of two students.
  • Design and evaluate two digital learning resources.
  • Assess two students digitally, using a digital tool that you have adapted and evaluated.
  • Evaluate two digital tools that you used to support digital literacy.
  • Create two detailed teaching session plans - one for face-to-face teaching and one for remote teaching.
  • Evaluate your development of your digital teaching skills, with an action plan.
  • Two observations of teaching (one face-to-face and one remote).

There is no final examination.

After the course


This will have an opportunity to gain valuable continuing professional development in the use of digital learning resources. This will also help College Lecturers develop the knowledge and skills that could lead into SQA’s PDA Teaching Practice in Scotland’s Colleges and the Teaching Qualification in Further Education (TQFE).

  • Mode of Study:
  • Start Date:
    9th Sep 2019, 20 weeks
  • Day(s):
    15:00 - 17:00
  • Location:
    City Campus
  • Cost:
    £ 620