Volunteers Needed for Extra Covid Testing

City of Glasgow College is taking part in an important government COVID-19 rapid test quality exercise which runs until 21 January 2022. 

We need student and staff volunteers to take one additional polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test at same time as using the free lateral flow device test (LFD) currently offered to all students and staff. 

If you would like to participate, ask at Reception and you will be given ​LFD kits and one PCR test kit. Both kits contain guidance on how to use them. Take them both home, do the tests and then report the results from both tests together (by 21 January) to NHS Test and Trace

The information will be used as part of the ongoing UK Government's quality assurance for the national NHS Test and Trace rapid asymptomatic testing programme. It further helps protect our college community, our families, and friends. 

Please continue to take an LFD test before coming on campus and make sure you have enough at home for during the festive break. Kits are available at both Riverside and City campus Receptions.

Further Information

The leaflets below give a step-by-step guide to using PCR and LFD test kits at home. While testing is voluntary, we continue to strongly encourage you to make use of the kits at home and before coming on to campus.


Volunteer for additional Covid-19 Testing

If you would like to take part, you will be offered one PCR test next time you collect your LFD test kit from Reception (to be done before 21 January 2022). You will be then asked to report the results from both tests to NHS Test and Trace. While testing is voluntary, we continue to strongly encourage you to make use of the kits at home and before coming on to campus.   

Does that mean I take two different tests? 

Testing is completely up to you. Students and staff are currently being asked to pick up free LFD kits to use at home and before coming ​into college. From 7 December until 25 January, you will also be offered one additional PCR test to do as well as your usual LFD test. After that, you can continue to use Lateral Flow Device kits only.  

Using the additional test will enable NHS Test and Trace to compare results from these testing kits. Ongoing quality assurance enables government health officials to verify that test kits are safe and effective. 

How do I use a PCR test and an LFT together at home? 

You need to do one rapid lateral flow test and one PCR test. Both kits include instructions on how to perform the swabs and where to return the results.  You will need to do both tests as soon as you can, one after the other, taking your PCR swab while you are waiting for your LFD result. Then post your PCR test straight after completing it.