All applicants should complete the General Student Application Form with the exception of International applicants.

International applicants must complete the International Student Application Form.

General Student Application

You should complete the General Student Application form if you are a UK citizen who resides mostly or wholly in the UK, a citizen of a country in the European Economic Area, a refugee with leave to remain or someone seeking asylum within the UK. You may be asked to provide proof of your status. If you do not fall into one of these categories check the information for International Student Application.

If you are still unsure contact Student Services on 0141 375 5193 .

International Student Application

We're sorry, but the application form is currently closed for this session.

This service will be available again soon.

If you are still unsure contact the International Unit on 141 565 2652 from outwith the UK or 0141 565 2652 from within the uk.

Please note that the above categorisation is solely for the purpose of application. Your fee status will be assessed separately.