City Showcase 2020: Digital Display of Student Creativity

June is a time of celebration at City of Glasgow College as it marks the culmination of the academic year and the collective achievements of all students.

Its twin site campus is normally buzzing with end of year shows as students from the Creative Industries faculty display their work in a series of captivating exhibitions.

This year, as pandemic restrictions prevail, those exhibitions have gone online to create a stunning digital display of student inspiration, excellence and innovation.

Elodie Nowinski, Dean for the Faculty of Creative Industries at City of Glasgow College, said: “From challenging or extreme times come the most creative and innovative of ideas. Our online exhibition features work by almost 500 students and I would like everyone visiting to spend one minute thinking of what it took, for every student presenting here, to go on, to keep up, to work and think harder than at any time before to present to you this incredible collection of works. We are humbled by their achievement and amazed by their strength.”

Emma Blackhall, BA (Hons) Contemporary Art Practice Student at the College, admitted ending her degree in lockdown had been difficult,” adding: “The College has been particularly responsive and sustained communications well. We’ve had to lean on technology in order to pull together for our degree show, and it’s really challenged me to consider untraditional sites for art making and exhibition. Seeing the work of myself and my colleagues come to fruition online, it reminded me of my favourite aspect of the course. We are so diverse in our ways of working and chosen media and we remain, collectively, confident independent workers."

Evelyn Dewar, the College’s Curriculum Head of Fine Art, noted that an end of year show is a milestone in the lifetime of an artist, saying: “This year’s show, however, will be remembered for different reasons than those of the past. Curation has taken the form of selecting and editing digital images of artworks created and displayed in gardens, bedrooms and kitchens throughout Scotland. This year’s show highlights the resilience of our students in positively addressing their constraints and going on to create exceptional work in exceptional circumstances.

“COVID-19 has neither dented nor diminished our students’ talent, creativity and ingenuity. But don’t take our word for it, please see for yourself at our City Showcase.”