College focus on student welfare

City of Glasgow College is adjusting to the new norm as its staff and students adapt to working and studying from home.

Since the college closed its campus buildings, following the outbreak and escalation of Coronavirus (COVID-19), staff have set up individual offices in their own homes and students are getting to grips with online learning. 

Dylan Duff, CitySA Student President, said:

“The Students' Association and the Student Engagement team will continue to ensure students feel supported during these times through a number of online initiatives.

“It’s important to make sure we all support each other, and help each other to adapt during this uncertain time. That’s why, as a team, we’ve pulled together some tips to help our students, and ourselves, get through this more easily.”

Top of the list are tips for maintaining a daily routine.

“It’s really easy when we don’t have college or work to go to, to lose structure to our day, so keeping to a routine as best you can is really important. It helps keeps us focused. Carry on getting up at the same time every day, showering and getting dressed - even if it’s into a new pair of pyjamas – don’t miss out on mealtimes and finish your ‘working’ day as normal,” said Dylan.

Other tips include keeping in touch and turning off social media.

“A social media blackout was an initiative we started at the college recently – for two hours one day a month. I think it’s a good idea we try and continue that, even for a short time.

“We are overloaded with information at the moment. Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish fact from fiction and to not feel overwhelmed by the almost constant updates. And now, more than ever, it’s important to get updates from reputable sources.

“Keeping in touch is vital,” added Dylan. While, of course, the government is stressing social distancing, and stricter measures have now come into place, that doesn’t mean we can’t be social. There’s a range of apps available that allow us to connect with each other in different ways. Not forgetting, of course, you can simply pick up the phone and text or call. It really is good to talk.” 

City of Glasgow College has self-help material available for students on the college website. It has also introduced a new wellbeing resource for its students and staff. The Big White Wall is a digital online space with a wide range of self-guided courses covering areas such as anxiety and depression which individuals can complete at their own pace.

To see all CitySA’s tips for mental wellbeing, please visit their website.