Glasgow welcomes Empire State VI from New York

This year’s annual summer graduation at City of Glasgow College welcomes some very special guests; fellow student officers and cadets from the United States who sailed into the city from New York aboard the Empire State VI.

The 172 metre training ship from SUNY (State University of New York) Maritime College, with over 500 officers, cadets and crew on board, is visiting Glasgow for the first time during its annual summer term training voyage.

The ship and its student cadets are here specifically to visit colleagues at City of Glasgow College and to attend its graduation of over 250 officer cadets and marine professionals on Thursday 21 June.

Paul Little, Principal and Chief Executive, City of Glasgow College, said:

“We are delighted to welcome colleagues from what is the largest maritime college in the USA. They are a valued partner of our college family and strong champions of creating opportunities for our students and for supporting Glasgow’s maritime tradition. We look forward to having up to 50 of the ship’s cadet officers attend our graduation ceremony and help promote our maritime links back in the USA. I am confident that a warm Glasgow welcome will be shown to our American guests whilst they are here over the next week.”

Glasgow’s Lord Provost Eva Bolander said:

“I had the pleasure of touring the Empire State VI and meeting some of the cadets on this American vessel. It’s gratifying to know Glasgow’s reputation as a maritime city is recognised across the globe for its training and support capabilities. My congratulations to everyone graduating. You have the city’s very best wishes.”

Rear Admiral Michael Alfultis added:

“Graduation ceremonies mark a special time in the lives of students and their families, and I am honoured to be at City of Glasgow College celebrating this momentous occasion. I am looking forward to exploring this beautiful city – the home of shipbuilding – and taking part in the college’s 2018 SMART Shipping Symposium. As the maritime industry is global in nature, maritime universities must build and deepen their partnerships. As such, we look forward to building a partnership with City of Glasgow College – the UK’s top maritime college – to ensure students and graduates from both colleges can successfully navigate the changing seas.”

SUNY Maritime College is one of six state maritime academies in the United States which educates dynamic leaders for the global maritime industry. It offers a distinctive hands-on approach to education preparing students for career success.