Heritage skills safeguard future of stained glass

A stunning stained glass window, created by City of Glasgow College students, has been unveiled at Glasgow Royal Infirmary.

The new window, designed by HND Art Glass Design students, highlights the work of the Incorporation of Masons over the centuries.   

Set in the link corridor within the Royal Infirmary, it is the second of fourteen which are to be installed in the corridor. 

George McNeillie, Curriculum Head, Furniture and Art Glass for the Faculty of Creative Industries at City of Glasgow College, said:

“This was a real life learning experience for our students who were given a brief to follow and then visited Trades Hall to learn about specific elements connected with the Incorporation of Masons. Our HND student, Geraldine McSporran, produced the winning design which, under the guidance of lecturer Kimberley Armstrong, all the students worked on and then presented.”

The Art Glass Design course at City of Glasgow College, which featured on BBC Scotland, is the only one of its type at undergraduate level in Scotland. Geraldine McSporran said:

“Scotland has some of the finest stained glass in the world. We need people in Scotland looking after their own artwork because it is art work. Even if it is in a church it is artwork, and the beauty of doing this course is you realise how much work goes into making a stained glass window.”

The unveiling ceremony took place in the link corridor at Glasgow Royal Infirmary and was attended by a number of the students who made the stained glass window as well as Glasgow’s Lord Provost, Eva Bolander, the Lord Dean of Guild, the Deacon Convenor of the Trades House of Glasgow and many of the Deacons of the Incorporated Trades of Glasgow.