Innovative cardboard canoes set sail

City of Glasgow College recently launched its Transformable Project with an inventive corrugated cardboard canoe and kayak race held during this year’s Glasgow Canals Festival on the Forth & Clyde Canal.

The unique boat race enabled a group of experimental engineers from the super college’s construction team to test the durability of their six cardboard craft and determine water resistance using different types of waterproof coating. College staff also crewed each vessel.

Cardboard products are sturdy, affordable, easy to assemble and eco-friendly. The innovative project, being undertaken by City of Glasgow research fellows and designed and built by construction staff and students, is aiming to transform lives.

Douglas Morrison, STEM and Innovation Lead at City of Glasgow College said:

“Our corrugated cardboard canoe and kayak racing event is just one such experimental approach. Testing the products is of course essential but we also wanted our team to have fun and enjoy the canal festival too, which they did.”

The City of Glasgow College project builds upon charitable work developing assistive aids which Board Member, Professor Tracey Howe, submitted as part of her TEDx Glasgow award winning initiative. She added:

“The Transformable range of items, made of sturdy, relatively cheap cardboard, provides low-tech innovative solutions which require minimal equipment to assemble. They are ideal for use in remote areas and could even help during times of disaster as the materials are recyclable, lightweight, and durable. In the longer term I believe we can make a real difference to many communities across the globe.”

A wide range of cardboard products made by City of Glasgow College students was also on show at the Festival.

The Canal Festival is supported by the Glasgow Canal Project, comprising of Scottish Canals, Glasgow City CouncilNational Theatre for ScotlandThe Whisky Bond, and Queens Cross Housing Association.