Sunday Services at Cathedral continue thanks to Glasgow College

Glasgow Cathedral is using a green screen on loan from City of Glasgow College to create a backdrop of the Cathedral’s magnificent interior.

The result is a weekly video sermon showing the Reverend Mark Johnstone giving his sermon inside the Cathedral, although the videos are filmed in his living room.

The Cathedral is attracting up to 10,000 worshippers each week from around the globe, including as afield as Australia.

The green screen is normally used by media production students at the college, and the Reverend Mark Johnstone credits it for the videos’ huge popularity.

“When you consider our regular congregation is a couple of hundred people, the number who are now watching it online is amazing,” Reverend Johnstone said.

“Every day I get emails from Australia, America, and England. This week I got one from a man in Australia who burns the videos onto a CD which he takes to his aunt in a nursing home every Sunday afternoon.

“One of my parishioners is 94 years old and watches the services on his iPad every Sunday afternoon. He says it feels like it gives him a link to something he’s been doing all of his life.”

The Reverend Johnstone films his weekly sermons in his living room in front of the green screen. He then sends them to a colleague who positions him in front of images of the interior of the cathedral which were taken before lockdown.

Music is supplied by organist recordings made before lockdown which are added and the final videos are broadcast on the cathedral’s website, Facebook page and YouTube channel.

“The fact that the college gave us the green screen meant we could do something that a lot of other churches haven’t been able to do,” added Mark.

“It has allowed us to create a professional offering which has really helped in engaging with our local congregation and the wider community.”

Each Sunday Service is available to watch on the Cathedral’s website.