Super College celebrates Seafood Week

Professional cookery students at City of Glasgow College will increase their knowledge of Scotland’s vital fishing industry and its produce during a joint event with Seafish as part of Seafood Week 2017

A series of talks and tastings takes place this week at the college’s award winning City campus in support of the UK wide campaign which aims to encourage the public to eat more seafood, more often.

May Donald, Senior Chef Lecturer at City of Glasgow College, says:

“Scotland’s fishing industry supports jobs and businesses and coastal communities and contributes significantly to the country’s food and drink sector with recent figures showing fish landings at a record high of £563 million.

“Fish and shellfish is an important element in our professional cookery courses and I always include a quirky and interesting feature to add value for the students. This year we’re delighted to welcome Seafish who will be sharing their expertise as well as donating a range of fish produce which our students will prepare for tastings.

“Events like these are great learning experiences for our students who benefit from professional knowledge and experience and gain an invaluable insight into the industry they are training for.”

The event takes place on Thursday 12 October and will include in-depth discussions about the variety of seafood caught around the UK, how it is harvested and the supply chains which make up the seafood industry. Student chefs will also create a range of fish inspired dishes for fellow students and staff to sample.

Jess Sparks, Regional Manager of Seafood in Scotland at Seafish, will be giving a lecture to the students with the aim of expanding the students’ knowledge of seafood beyond the kitchen:

“In this day and age, food traceability and origin is incredibly important as consumers want to know not only where their food has come from but that it is sustainable and has been responsibly sourced.

“We want students to find out about the huge diversity of seafood species in the UK, how they are caught in the wild and what they taste like. For students going into the food service sector, being able to confidently use seafood and speak to their customers about its origins is a valuable skill.”

Staff and students throughout the campus will get the chance to sample the fish dishes prepared by the professional cookery students including traditional favourites cod and haddock, comparing them with lesser known species like hake and whiting.

Seafood Week takes place from Friday 6 to Friday 13 October and you can find out more about it here.