Super College encouraging active travel

It’s estimated that there’s been a 200% increase in the number of people cycling in Scotland due to the Coronavirus lockdown.

People turned to cycling as their form of daily exercise, with the obvious health benefits and quieter roads making it increasingly popular.

It’s a form of transport which City of Glasgow College encourages as part of their ongoing commitment to reduce their carbon footprint.

Olga Sanchez is the college’s campus cycling officer who works to promote cycling across its twin site campus. She explained:

“Active travel is projected to become more important in the COVID-19 era. The ambition is that many people will continue to cycle, not just for exercise but as a preferred means of transport.

“Cycling is an important element of the college’s green travel plan which encourages staff and students to commute to and from work, and between our campus buildings, in an environmentally sustainable way.”

The college’s twin site campus has facilities for almost 600 bikes. Its City campus has built-in secure accommodation, with covered storage installed recently at Riverside campus. Both are equipped with lockers, drying cabinets, tools and D-locks. With a phased return to some on-campus activity imminent, bike storage at both campuses will be available subject to social distancing and hygiene measures.

Funding from Cycling Scotland allowed for the construction of the storage facility at Riverside, while the college’s e-bike loan scheme for staff has been possible thanks to a grant from the Energy Saving Trust.

“The e-bike scheme is a big success. Staff are keen to use them to travel between our campus buildings. They are a healthy and quicker option to the 20 minute walk, and an alternative to our college’s electric shuttle cars which now need to allow for social distancing,” added Olga.

The college is part of the Cycling Friendly Campus programme and is aiming to achieve the Cycling Friendly award which recognises colleges who are improving their campuses and making it easier and more accessible for staff and students to cycle.