Super college maintains STEM Assured Excellence

City of Glasgow College – together with Kelvin and Glasgow Clyde Colleges – has retained its STEM Assured Standard and Award.

All three colleges were recently reassessed by the UK STEM Foundation and met the rigorous accreditation criteria to preserve their STEM status.

The Glasgow Regional Colleges were initially evaluated in October 2015 when they outlined their vision for STEM delivery from 2015 to 2020. Their strategy was a UK first in adopting a city-wide collaborative approach to STEM skills development.

Paul Little, Principal & Chief Executive of City of Glasgow College, said:

“We are delighted not only to have maintained our STEM Assured Status but to have achieved best practice in a number of areas. Colleges are vital in delivering links between school education and the expertise of industry and we have shown just how important investment in STEM education is. Our aim at City of Glasgow College is to continue to create a talent pipeline that is work ready and able to tackle the skills gaps across industry.”

An Accreditation Panel of experts from industry and academia used the STEM Assured certification framework to examine the colleges’ strategic plans in relation to STEM provision. The assessment examined the colleges’ performance against criteria set out by the Scottish Government’s STEM Strategy, which includes the four pillars of Excellence, Equity, Inspiration and Connection.

Jon Vincent, Principal of Glasgow Clyde College’s said:

“I am delighted that we have retained STEM Assured status. Currently a quarter of our curriculum is in STEM related subjects and we will continue to ensure that STEM is embedded across our curriculum, providing more opportunities for learners to engage in these subjects in line with industry demand.”

Alan Sherry, Principal and Chief Executive at Glasgow Kelvin College, said:

“Achieving and maintaining the STEM Assured Standard signals to our students and local communities the college’s determination to excel in STEM education and training. Our significant investment in STEM related infrastructure and the extensive network of Learning Community Centres with digital access are creating real opportunities for progression and success for our students.”

Prof Sa’ad Medhat, Chief Executive of the STEM Foundation who chaired the STEM Panel, said:

“It is very pleasing to see the tenacity of the three Glasgow colleges to progress both jointly and individually in their STEM offerings. Our congratulations go to them all for demonstrating, through effective collaboration, significant and unique educational offerings and economic benefits to their respective communities.”

The Accreditation assessment also looked at the ways in which STEM-related subjects were delivered and supported to ensure students gain real benefits, and business and industry achieve positive impact.

Douglas Morrison, Associate Director of Innovation and STEM at City of Glasgow College, concluded:

“The collaboration and identification of the STEM Strategic priorities for the Glasgow region has allowed us to influence different capabilities and strengths from the three colleges to offer an extensive and diverse STEM provision that delivers real value and benefits to our students and to business and industry.”