Super College student part of team that brought Michelin star back to Glasgow

City of Glasgow College recently celebrated the news that Glasgow had won its first Michelin star for almost two decades.

Former professional cookery student at the college, Sam Bell McLaughlan, is now a chef at the Michelin starred Cail Bruich.

Sam joined the restaurant last January and explained that it’s different from working in other restaurants.

“You get to work with amazing produce and with elite chefs in the industry. Standards are really high, you can’t let anything slip and attention to every detail is really important.

“You need to perform your very best every day. Everything going out of the kitchen needs to meet the high standards every time. It is really pressured and hard work. But, it is also great fun, exciting and very rewarding.”

Sam’s foot into the industry following college was through a work placement after which he secured a part time job as Commis Chef. The courses he did at college gave him with a foundation on which to develop his knowledge and skills.

“I learned from the chef lecturers what it took to work in industry as they shared their experiences with us,” he said: “It’s also important to get as much work experience as you can when you’re still at college to help boost your employability. It was my lecturers who helped me get my first placement because they know people in the industry.”

Lorna McNee, the Head Chef at Cail Bruich, is Sam’s inspiration. “She is a great mentor to work under and I have learned so much from her and the chef team. Lorna shows what hard work, dedication and sacrifice can lead to in your career.”

From starting at NC level in professional cookery at college, to graduating with an HND, to working as a chef in a Michelin starred restaurant, Sam has come a long way in a short time in the job he loves.

“Starting out, I dreamt of working in a Michelin restaurant. So I am very proud to be part of the team that brought the Michelin star back to Glasgow.”