Time to rethink skills

College's International Symposium to debate

City of Glasgow College’s will host its third International Education Symposium on Thursday 7 February 2019.

Its focus is on re-thinking skills and it will bring eminent academics, policy makers and educationalists, from across the education sector, to explore the impact the pace of change is having on learning, skills and the future employability of students.

Paul Little, Principal and Chief Executive at City of Glasgow College, said:

“Our education symposia, which have been running since 2016, are vital in articulating the critical role colleges play in skills education and the economic success of Scotland and the UK.

“In the face of an increasingly uncertain and complex world, education can make the difference as to whether people embrace the challenges they are confronted with or whether they are defeated by them.

“This valuable symposium offers an opportunity to debate the challenges ahead, and discuss how tertiary education in particular offers an inclusive learning pathway as well as a pipeline of talent to meet the UK’s economic needs.”

Speakers and delegates will examine the knowledge and skills that students will need to thrive and shape their world, and consider how best learners can develop the required knowledge and necessary skills.

Alison Wolf, Sir Roy Griffiths Professor of Public Sector Management at King’s College London, will be one of the key speakers at the symposium. She said:

“Looming technological change means that all parts of the United Kingdom face massive challenges in providing the right skills, in the right quantities, for the labour market. And lagging productivity growth is a real warning that we are not meeting those challenges. I will be focusing on what we know about skill needs, and what that implies for rebalancing our education and training systems.

“I will also be talking about what we can learn from the differences between Scotland and England, and why the current tertiary review in England is so preoccupied with technical education and adults - and hope the event will come up with some clear priorities for the next 10 years.”

Please follow this link for further details about the event.