Trade Union Spanish Classes hit the net

The Trade Union Education Centre (TUEC) based at City of Glasgow College’s Riverside campus is one of the largest in the UK.

Since the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic and onset of lockdown measures, TUEC staff have transferred the majority of its face-to-face classes to online formats, to ensure that an education programme remains available.

New to the online curriculum are Spanish classes which are being delivered specifically for professional football players.

Mark Pollitt, Curriculum Head at the Trade Union Education Centre, explains:

“We have a long term relationship with the Scottish Professional Footballers’ Association (SPFA) who asked us to run Spanish and IT classes for their players. 

“We are now delivering two online Spanish classes and one IT class through Zoom which are proving very popular, with almost 30 players accessing the three sessions.

“It’s a new and fun learning opportunity for them during this difficult period.” 

The college’s TUEC offers a programme of accredited courses for ever increasing numbers of trade union officers and representatives across Scotland.

“We continue to provide skills courses for officers, reps and negotiators dealing with issues such health and safety, redundancy, and of course staff being furloughed. We have actually been offering courses online for 20 years so were able to make the switch to remote working relatively quickly and smoothly,” said Mark.

The TUEC is also part of a Collective Learning Partnership (CLP) which last year celebrated a decade of supporting the Scottish workforce.

“As part of the collective learning partnership, working closely with trade unions and employers, we respond to the demands of the workforce by continually developing the delivery and content of our courses.

“The current health crisis is raising issues many have not dealt with before, so for us it’s about looking at the courses we’re offering, how they can be delivered, and how we can support the trade unions at this time. As a result we are also providing computing, sign language, and employability skills courses online, ensuring that education remains accessible for learners.”

Almost 20 TUC tutors support 90% of TUC delivery across Scotland, with up to 1500 union representatives attending a range of courses through college, outreach facilities and online provision.

Part of the Faculty of Education & Humanities at City of Glasgow College, the Trade Union Education Centre provides a variety of programmes to support and strengthen Scotland’s workforce. Further details on courses offered are available here.