Welcome to City of Glasgow College’s online Gender Based Violence​ reporting facility.

If you witness an incident on campus or have a concern about a student, then please report this to us, even if you think you don’t have enough information for us to take action.

What will happen with the information in this form?

The information you give us will be forwarded to the appropriate member of Student Services who will assess how best the college can respond.  The content of the form will only be accessible to a limited group of staff members. 

What happens next?

A member of staff will contact you to discuss what can be done.  We will normally consult you before taking action.  However, if there are serious safety concerns raised by your report, then we may need to take action without contacting you first.

How can I make a report?

We would encourage you to report any concern as soon as you can. Please complete the online form below.