Laptop Loan Scheme

Laptop sitting on a table.

Eligibility and Priority Groups

The College may be able to provide you with a laptop for your studies. You must meet the eligibility criteria below.

  • You must be a Home (UK) student and meet the Residency Criteria.
  • You must be an enrolled student.

Where the demand for a laptop is greater than the supply available, we will prioritise the following student categories:

  • Full time students.
  • Those with an additional support need such as a disability or care experienced student.
  • Those from low-income families (we may require evidence of your funding status).

How the Scheme Works

Read the terms and conditions of loan below before proceeding.

To register for a loan laptop, use the link below.  You will be asked to enter your student reference number and verify your contact details below.  You can see your student reference number when you log into your website account.  It was also in your Joining Instructions Reminder email.

  • Name
  • Email
  • Date of birth

Register for a loan laptop (link coming soon).

If we are able to provide you with a laptop, we will contact you to arrange a time for you to collect it through our online booking system.  

This scheme is limited and operated subject to availability. All loan equipment is owned by City of Glasgow College.  

Our expected timeline for distributing laptops is as follows:

  • Batch 1 - Week commencing 21 September 2020 for basic laptops.
  • Batch 2 - Week commencing 26 October 2020 for middle range laptops.
  • Batch 3 - Week commencing 7 December 2020 for upper range laptops.

Terms and Conditions

  1. These terms and conditions represent an agreement between City of Glasgow College (the College) and you (the student).
  2. Loan of a laptop will be made to eligible students subject to availability.
  3. Students must have enrolled and accepted the College’s Terms and Conditions of Admissions.
  4. Upon collection of the laptop, the student will ensure that it is in full working order and in good condition. The student is responsible for returning the laptop to the College in the same condition as when they borrowed it.
  5. Students should return the laptop on an agreed date at the end of their course or immediately where a student withdraws or is excluded from their course.
  6. Failure to return a laptop when requested will result in the student being invoiced for the full replacement cost of the laptop and we may place a hold on graduation until the laptop is returned.
  7. Students who damage or lose the loan laptop will be charged for the repair or replacement costs and will be ineligible for further equipment loans.
  8. Any laptop loaned by the College is for the sole use of the enrolled student for academic purposes only. It is not to be loaned to any third party or family member.
  9. In agreeing to these terms and conditions you will abide by the College’s IT Acceptable Use Policy.
  10. The College’s decision on the allocation of laptops in accordance with eligibility criteria and priority groups is final. There is no appeals process.