Class Reps

Students on every course in the College should be given the opportunity to elect two Class Reps each year. The role of a Class Rep is to gather feedback from students on their course related to their learning experience, pass that information on to staff and help to make positive changes. This ensures all students have a say about the way they are learning.  Class Reps will be invited to attend meetings with College staff designed to identify the ways in which their course can be improved. 

The Students' Association offers training to all Class Reps to help prepare them for their role. This is important as it helps Class Reps to know what is expected of them and gives them some useful knowledge on how to carry out their roles effectively. 

All students who attend Class Rep Training receive a free Students' Association lanyard for their student ID card. At the end of the year, they are also presented with a certificate for attending the training and carrying out their role.

You can find out more about becoming a Class Rep here