Sophie's story

Sophie Tibbles

College was a great environment. The course was fun, the lecturers were really great and made us feel at ease, and we had a lot of opportunities thrown at us. The amount of hands-on work we had was fantastic — it was good to see our ideas actually getting made.

We went to Liverpool Sound City for some extra experience, which was fun. Working in a real environment we had to create the content and put it on the website ASAP while they overlooked. Trying out lots of different roles like this helped me realise that I’d love to produce.

After the course — during which I won Student of the Year — I applied to university but didn’t need to go as I now work at Heart Scotland as the Breakfast Show producer for Global Radio. I’m currently in my third month of freelancing, but first month contracted.

It’s a very hands-on job, keeping up with everything going on in Scotland and the wider world. I enjoy creating memorable content with the presenters, Robin Galloway and Adele Cunningham. I also enjoy how much fun we have in the studio, our interactions with listeners — and the fact that I get to boss people around!

A typical day is getting up at 4am and being in work for 5am. I let the presenters know what’s happening on the show, when it’s happening, what we need to do, what topics to avoid etc. Then after it's all over we prepare for the next show.

I love it when we receive a great reaction from listeners. Some tell us that the things we’ve do make them laugh so hard they almost get into trouble!"

Trying out lots of different roles helped me realise that I’d love to be a producer. I now work on the Breakfast Show for Global Radio.

Sophie Tibbles