COVID-19: Staff FAQs

Is City of Glasgow College affected by the latest Coronavirus restrictions?

The Scottish Government guidance to stay at home becomes law on Tuesday 5 January 2021. Therefore, we have taken the decision to close our campus buildings for the duration of January 2021 to keep our staff and students safe, and we will provide further information on what will happen beyond January by the end of the month. We are continuing to keep a close eye on the latest expert health and safety advice and will provide further updates in line with that.

How does this affect learning and teaching?

The new restrictions will see all courses delivered online from Tuesday 5 January. Students should contact their lecturer with any questions about course requirements.

What does this mean for classes?

Staff and students will no longer be able to come onto campus.

Have lecturers and unions been consulted/involved in the online only approach to learning and teaching?

This decision has been made following guidance issued by the Scottish Government. Faculty teams and staff across the Student Experience Directorate have been involved in discussions on the impact of that and we have been engaging with our trade union partners too.

Will I need to work different hours?

The current timetables in place for online teaching will continue.  

Will staff development/training continue?

Our Learning and Teaching Academy continue to provide regular support on curriculum design and delivery. Our Staff Resource Hub has up to date guidance and helpful information.

I am unable to work online. Will the College help with that?

We recognise that online teaching requires access to appropriate hardware and good WiFi.  Your Home Working Guide will provide further help and advice. Staff have been provided with equipment for use at home. Please speak to your line manager if you require further support.

How long will the restrictions remain in place?

The restrictions are expected to remain in place until at least the end of January 2021. The college will continue to closely follow government and health expert guidelines. Our website and social media channels will be updated regularly in line with those, so please regularly check in with us.

How do I keep updated about the latest information on Covid-19? 

The college website, Connected and MyCity are being kept up to date. As government reviews of the local protection levels take place regularly, we ask you to check these pages to keep informed of the latest advice.

Will the college buildings reopen in February 2021?

Throughout the pandemic, we have taken advice and guidance from government and health officials. We will continue to follow that and update you when we can.

What about our students in Halls of Residence?

Students who choose to stay in our Halls of Residences are provided with additional support should they need it.