COVID-19: Staff FAQs

How do the new rules affect learning and teaching?

Easing of restrictions will allow more practical courses to be held on campus. However, courses will be delivered via our blended learning approach. Physical distancing on campus and in teaching spaces will be set at one metre for the first academic term. Face coverings must be worn inside college buildings in communal areas, while moving around or where physical distancing is not possible (unless you are eating or drinking, or are exempt and have obtained the Scottish Government exemption card). This includes wearing a mask or face covering in shared meeting rooms, and when delivering some classes (when visors may be worn in place of masks). Specially branded lanyards are available free from Reception for anyone exempt from wearing a mask. The collection of contact details as part of Test and Protect is still required. 

A student/colleague has notified me that they may have Covid-19. What do I do?

  • ​​​​​​You must report a COVID-related staff absence to your line manager AND to HR on 0141 375 6868. 
  • The person concerned must keep their line manager updated and discuss progress before returning to work/college.
  • Once the person returns, they should inform HR to close the absence.
  • Students should tell us immediately by contacting

Have lecturers and unions been consulted/involved in the new blended learning approach to learning and teaching?

All our decisions have been made following guidance issued by the Scottish Government. Faculty teams and staff across the Student Experience Directorate have been involved in discussions on the impact of that and we have been engaging with our trade union partners throughout.

Will I need to work different hours?

Timetables are in place for online and on-campus teaching. 

Will staff development/training continue?

Our Learning and Teaching Academy continue to provide regular support on curriculum design and delivery. MyConnect has up-to-date guidance and helpful information.

I am unable to work online. Will the College help with that?

We recognise that online teaching requires access to appropriate hardware and good WiFi.  Your Home Working Guide will provide further help and advice. Staff have been provided with equipment for use at home. Please speak to your line manager if you require further support.

How do I keep updated about the latest information on Covid-19? 

The college website, MyConnect and MyCity are being kept up to date. As government reviews of the local protection levels take place regularly, we ask you to check these pages to keep informed of the latest advice.

What about our students in Halls of Residence?

Students who are in our Halls of Residences are provided with additional support should they need it. 

Where can I find further information on Scotland’s COVID vaccination certification scheme?

Information on how the vaccine certification (or COVID passport) scheme will work, who is exempt, and what you need to do if you are going to a venue or event can be found on the Scottish Government website.

I have been vaccinated in Scotland. How do I show proof of vaccine status?

You can provide proof of your vaccination status in a number of ways:

  • use the NHS Scotland COVID Status App which is free to download. This will allow access to a digital copy of your vaccine record on your mobile device. You need a passport or driver’s licence to complete the identity check.
  • request a paper copy of your vaccine certificate from NHS Inform. Use this if you don’t have a passport or driver’s licence.
  • use a downloadable PDF on your phone or a printed copy (as an interim measure only).

I have been vaccinated in Scotland but I am having difficulty in using the NHS COVID Status App. What can I do?

Further information on the NHS Covid Status App, including frequently asked questions, can be found on the NHS Inform website.

I have been fully or partially vaccinated elsewhere in the UK or Crown Dependencies. How do I show proof of vaccine status?

If you were vaccinated in England, Wales or Northern Ireland, you can have your NHS Scotland COVID Status app updated to include this information. If your vaccination from another part of the UK is not showing, phone the COVID Status Helpline on 0808 196 8565 so they can investigate.

If you were vaccinated elsewhere in the UK or in the Crown Dependencies, you can also provide confirmation that you are fully vaccinated in one of the following ways:

  • use the NHS App (if from England or Wales)
  • use Covid NI (if from Northern Ireland)
  • use the paper letter of certification, issued by England, Wales, Northern Ireland, Jersey or Guernsey

You will also be able to present physical proof to the venue who will carry out a visual check.