Lateral Flow Testing


Free Covid-19 lateral-flow test kits are available for collection. While the tests are voluntary, we strongly encourage you to make use of them at home. The test kits are for anyone who does not have symptoms of Covid-19. If you are displaying symptoms or think you might have coronavirus, please do not come into college. Kits are available for collection from the Reception desk at City and/or Riverside campuses.

If you are not on campus you can order a box of tests delivered to your home from the Government website.

If you are displaying symptoms or think you might have coronavirus, do not come into college. Students should let us know by e-mailing and college staff should inform their line manager and HR (0141 375 6868). You should also arrange to take a further coronavirus test, known as a PCR test, at a local testing station. You can find that information online at NHS Test and Protect.

What does the LFT test involve?

The test involves taking a swab from your mouth and nose. This helpful NHS video shows how to administer the test at home.

You will be able to see the results within 30 minutes, and should then enter your results on the NHS website. Full instructions are supplied with each kit.

The test is an effective way of screening for people who may just be positive or may be spreading the virus without having symptoms themselves.  If you get a positive result, you should not come into college. You should arrange to have a separate Covid-19 (PCR) test to confirm your results, and should let us know how you are by e-mail as above.

To identify as many cases as possible, the Scottish Government is recommending that you take two tests each week, ideally three days apart. For example, if you are on campus five days a week, you should test twice weekly, on a Monday and a Thursday, say, before coming into college.  If you cannot take two tests, one test can still provide some reassurance. A negative test means that you do not have the virus at the time of testing, but it does not protect you from becoming infected later and spreading the virus.


Lateral-flow testing is available for all students enrolled at City of Glasgow College and all staff.  It is for those who do not have symptoms of Covid-19 and would like to be tested. If you have previously tested positive for Covid-19, you should not take a test unless your previous positive test was more than 90 days ago.

Why should I take this test?

It can help reassure you that you’re not infectious and are therefore unlikely to pass on Covid-19 to others and to contribute to the wellbeing of our college community. It is not, however, an absolute guarantee that you do not have Covid-19.

Do I have to take a test?

It is entirely up to you. Whilst we do very strongly recommend it, particularly given the increasing prevalence of new variants of coronavirus in the UK, the test is voluntary.

How do I get the test?

Lateral Flow Test kits are free of charge and can be collected in person at City and Riverside campuses. Students should have their college I.D. to hand and can collect from reception in each of the campus atriums. Staff can collect from reception and will need to provide a staff number or college email. Tests should be conducted at home, and before you next come into college.   

I’m not in College. Will the test kit be posted to me at home?

No. The testing kits can be collected from either our City or Riverside campuses only. You will need your staff or student I.D. when collecting.

Will the College be informed of my test results?

No. The test is personal to you. We will not be informed of your test results. However, if you are a student and test positive, please let us know by email on as soon as possible and alert NHS Test and Protect. Staff should inform their line manager and contact HR (0141 375 6868) as well as alerting NHS Test and Protect.

In order to access the tests, you will need to give your consent to allow your data to be handled. 

Lateral flow test results will be notifiable to NHS Test and Protect. Results will also be sent to your Doctor and Public Health Scotland. 

Do I need to give my consent?

Yes. The Scottish Government requires confirmation of your consent to participate and receive the free tests. When collecting your test kits, you will be asked to read and sign an electronic consent form. This LFT privacy notice provides you with information about how your personal data will be collected and used in connection with Covid-19 Lateral Flow Testing. 

Will it provide evidence that I am 'fit to fly'?

The test is intended to provide reassurance to you, your colleagues, and your family and friends, but should not be regarded as 'fit to fly' evidence and may not be accepted by travel companies and airlines as such.

Please check with your travel provider what standard of proof they require if you are travelling. You may have to seek a separate coronavirus PCR test from one of the various commercial, online or high-street providers.

If you need to travel for work and require evidence of a test, please speak to your Doctor and college staff should notify HR.

I need to quarantine when I arrive in Scotland. Should I still take a test? 

Yes, it is still recommended that you are tested. However, you must not come on to campus while quarantining and should only take a test once your period of quarantine (currently ten days) has been completed.

Please note that Scotland does not participate in the 'Test and Release' scheme.