3D Digital Game Art (City of Glasgow College)

Competition Overview

This competition is about demonstrating the skills of the 3D Digital Game Artist within the games development cycle.

The 3D Digital Game Artist takes a designer’s brief and, through a combination of conceptualization, creativity, selectivity, technical, and specialist skills, completes the brief to the satisfaction of the client.

The 3D Digital Game Artist receives, conceptualizes, and interprets the design brief on the basis of their market knowledge and skill sets, and the given scope and limits of the brief.

The 3D Digital Game Artist must then work from the concept art to produce a 3D mesh of the asset that employs the skills of good geometry decisions, triangle count, making good decisions in symmetry and silhouette, and modelling a good edgeflow. UV unwrapping must then be undertaken to flatten a 3D model into a 2D set of shells that a texture can be painted onto.

The textures are then produced to create materials that may be applied to the 3D model, taking into account the colours, specularity, and opacity of various parts of a model. Some textures are painted by hand, some require the use of photographic references and others require a digital process to calculate ambient occlusion and normal maps for shadows and detail.

General Instructions

Ahead of the passive heats, it is advised to practice a range of hard surface and organic low and high poly modelling. The themes are determined by games companies that we link up with. Past competitions have had artists creating food models for award winning Overcooked!, pickups for the legendary Micromachines and bodykits for Need For Speed. The major skills will be in 3D modelling with 3D Studio Max or Maya, UV unwrapping your models, and painting your textures, typically with PhotoShop at this stage, but an understanding of engine shaders and PBR textures will be required for later stages in the competition, as well as a fundamental understanding of concept art skills and animation.

A maximum of 2 competitors may enter this competition per location/campus, and up to a total of 6 per organisation.