Digital Video Production (City of Glasgow College)

Competition Overview

The WorldSkills UK competition focuses on all the essential skills needed for a successful career within the moving image industries.

Overall competitors undertake varying creative roles associated with producing a video production and are required to work towards industry standards.

The competition is largely practical, although competitors will be required to have a thorough understanding of pre-production. It is also expected that competitors have a good working knowledge of camera operation, audio recording, and post-production techniques and software.

Each team will initially plan and produce a video from a given brief. The teams with the winning videos will then have a chance to pitch their video to a panel of judges.

During the live heat, and prior to their pitch, each team will have to complete a task as outlined to them within a given timeframe. The competitors will then have to add this to their pitch.

Those selected will gain a place at the UK National Finals, where they will a have a set number of hours to plan and produce their final digital video production.

General Instructions

  • Exact working time for each of the heats will be provided to each competitive team.
  • Exact deadlines including dates and time will be allocated to the competitors.
  • Pre-production material is to be submitted alongside the video produced for the passive heat.
  • All production work must be original unless otherwise stated.
  • Relevant resources will be provided to each team during the live stages of the competition, including the UK National Final.
  • Marks will be awarded from planning to the completed digital video produced. Creativity is greatly encouraged as well as teamwork. Marks are not awarded on an individual’s contribution.
  • Deadlines are final and competitors not meeting these will result in their team’s disqualification.

A maximum of 2 teams of 3 to 4 competitors may enter this competition per organisation.