Hairdressing (City of Glasgow College)

Competition Overview

Hairdressing is a fashion based industry, Hairdressers give personalised consultations on every visit to ensure that they can deliver professional advice on the best way that their clients hair may enhance a their appearance whilst suiting their individual personality.

They cut, style, and colour hair according to a client’s wishes, at the same time giving professional advice on how to maintain and look after their hair at home.

This competition has been designed to reflect the role of hairdresser and the standards that are expected within the Hairdressing industry.

Competitors will have to demonstrate the following skills:

  • Ladies Commercial Fashion Cutting.
  • Ladies Commercial Fashion Colouring.
  • Styling & Finishing.
  • Long Hair Styling.
  • Gents Commercial Fashion Cutting.
  • Gents Commercial Fashion Colouring.
  • Fashion Barbering.
  • Bridal Hairstyling.
  • Consultation.
  • Client Care.
  • Commercial use of Products.
  • Health & Safety.

General Instructions

The Hairdressing Competition is conducted over 3 Stages:

  • Stage 1 – Photographic Entry (1 Module). Entry can be on either a Live Model or a Specified Tuition Head.
  • Stage 2 – UK National Regional Heats (3 Modules). These modules will be undertaken on a combination of Live Models and Specified Tuition Heads.
  • At the National Regional Heats – the competitors will be conducting 3 Tasks in 1 Day, with a maximum working time of 3 Hours per task.
  • Stage 3 – UK National Final (5 Modules). These modules will be undertaken on a combination of Live Models and Specified Tuition Heads.


  • At the start of the competition an allotted time will be allocated for work planning. This time is not part of the working time.
  • All supplied equipment and materials must be accurately checked by the competitor upon commencing the competition.
  • All materials and equipment must be used in the most economical method.
  • Competitors will lose marks for any misplaced, lost or spoiled materials and/or equipment, where this is the result of competitor error.

A maximum of 5 competitors may enter this competition per location/campus, with no limit on the number of locations per organisation that may enter.

Download core competencies.

Download assessment summary.

Download Stage 1 brief.