Restaurant Service (City of Glasgow College)

Competition Overview

The competition focuses on the role of Front of House staff in a range of Food and Beverage Operations. Competitors should have good practical skills and a sound understanding of different styles of food & beverage service; formal & casual dining, table, table theatre, gueridon & silver service, cocktail & mocktail preparation & service, as well as a knowledge & appreciation of wines, liqueurs & spirits. Competitors in Professional Restaurant Service must also be able to display good social skills, excellent personal presentation as well as safe & hygienic working practices. Entrants should have either achieved, or be studying at college, or training in the workplace for a level 3 qualification in Food & Beverage Service or Hospitality.

General Instructions

The regional heat stages will be based on a range of stand-alone food and beverage service tasks, whilst at national level the competition will also incorporate a variety of customer-facing dining experiences, and competitors need to be able to demonstrate high levels of professionalism and   communication in a hygienic and safe environment and with a certain amount of creativity in all tasks. It is important to use the references provided and practice is the key to success.

A maximum of 3 competitors may enter this competition per location/campus, and up to a total of 9 per organisation.

Download core competencies.

Download assessment summary and useful links.

Download Stage 1 brief.