Digital, Business and Creative

Students working on a computer in an IT lab.

3D Digital Game Art

The competition has been designed to reflect the role of a 3D Artist within the game industry and what standards are expected when developing a AAA game. The challenge is to take a concept and transform it into a 3D mesh that harnesses a wide range of skill sets from good geometry decisions to symmetry and texture. The participant needs a full understanding of concept art skills, 3D Modelling in Autodesk Maya or 3D Studio Max, UV Layout and texturing skills with Substance Painter. Demonstrating a solid understanding of effective topology on their 3D meshes, UV layout and appropriate texture creation based on the style and theme of a given brief.

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Digital Media Production

The competition has been designed to focus on all the essential skills needed for a successful career within the Digital Media industries. Competitors undertake varying creative roles associated with producing a media production and are required to work towards industry standards.

The competition is largely practical, although competitors will be required to have a thorough understanding of pre-production. It is also expected that competitors have a good working knowledge of camera operation, audio recording, and post-production techniques and software.

Each team will initially plan and produce a video/media clip/news clip from a given brief. The teams with the winning concept will then have a chance to pitch their concept to panels of judges. During the live heat, and prior to their pitch, each team will have to complete a task as outlined to them within a given time frame. The competitors will then have to add this to their pitch. 

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Fine Jewellery Making

The competition has been designed to reflect the role of a Jeweller. The competition will test the candidate’s understanding and interpretation of design alongside the standards expected within the industry. The competition will also test candidates time management and understanding of processes. 

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IT Software Solutions for Business

This competition assesses your skills and abilities in using Microsoft software. IT Software Solutions for Business competitions focus on all the essential requirements for embarking on a career working with Microsoft software in the IT department of any organisation.

This competition tests your in-depth knowledge of Microsoft Office software (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel) during the National Qualifiers and the full Microsoft Office Suite- Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Visio, in the Final Competition.

You will be inputting, manipulating, outputting and presenting information and will need to demonstrate:

  • In-depth knowledge of Microsoft Products.
  • Ability to work under pressure.
  • Accuracy, attention to detail.
  • Time management.
  • Excellent communication skills.

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IT Support Technician

The competition tests your ability to configure IT hardware and software to meet customer requirements. This will involve setting up a Client /Server network with a domain controller, installing and configuring operating systems, installing software, configuring IP addresses on end devices and connecting these devices to a LAN.

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Network Infrastructure Technician

This competition consists of a series of tasks that include the installation, configuration, maintenance and troubleshooting of ICT networks using predominantly CISCO devices. The competition will test the knowledge and skills learned in the Cisco Network Academy programme.

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Network Systems Administrator

The competition will challenge competitors to test their skills in configuring and administering a Windows 10, and Windows Server 2012/2016 based network. The competition will test the knowledge and skills learned in the Microsoft Official Curriculum range of qualifications.

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Visual Merchandising

The competition has been designed to reflect the practical skillset a visual merchandiser must employ, encompasses styling product, decal use, painting, prop making, graphics, and lighting.

Within the competition, all these components must be implemented together to produce a balanced and eye-catching display.  Attention to detail and neatness in execution is also paramount. 

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Web Design

Competitors will receive a professional brief and must design a user-friendly, contemporary website from conception to completion in a live competition. The competition includes a range of competencies for web designers and developers. The Competition will include the creation of a responsive website using material design that will be tested using Chrome and a smartphone emulator.

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