Engineering and Technology

Engineering students in the workshop.

Mechanical Engineering: CAD

Computer Aided Design (CAD) uses specialist software to create two and three dimensional images and animations of projects both in manufacturing and for use in advertising and technical manuals. CAD can convey many types of information, including dimensions, types of material, and tolerances and is essential in offering solutions to both engineering and manufacturing problems. By producing photo-realistic animations and videos, it can simulate how a design will actually function in the real world.


This WorldSkills UK competition focuses on all the essential requirements for a successful career in mechanical engineering specialising in CAD. Competitors will be tested on their performance using CAD to produce 2D technical drawings, 3D models and 3D assemblies. Competitors will be required to produce animations and should have a full understanding of ISO drawing standards and be able to use them effectively in different situations.

Competitors may only use Autodesk Inventor software to complete the tasks at the National Qualifications. Autodesk Inventor will be the only software available at the National Final.

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