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City of Glasgow College along with its partners SportScotland National Sailing Centre and Trinity House are delighted to offer a new route for people wishing to work in this exciting sector of the marine industry.  You will gain an Officer of the Watch Unlimited Certificate of Competency as well as the academic award ‘Scottish Professional Diploma in Marine Operations’ in your time at City of Glasgow College. As part of your sea time, you will also gain valuable experience on a superyacht through our training partner Trinity House which will enhance your future career prospects. The course is fully funded and in addition to the Merchant Navy syllabus includes superyacht specific courses delivered by our training partner SportScotland National Sailing Centre.


Superyachts are getting bigger and increasingly sophisticated. From 1997-2016 the market size of motor yachts (M/Y) over 80m grew by 252% compared to a 64% growth of the overall yacht fleet.  It is estimated that there are approximately 4,975 superyachts presently in existence.  The increase in the size of yachts is a reflection of the growing number of ultra-high-net-worth individuals with assets of at least $30m.  These yachts have a worldwide operational area and have opened up new cruising options to their owners such as exploring wildlife in the Galapagos islands, searching for shipwrecks or exploring the Arctic North-West Passage.  Closer to home Scotland has seen an increase in the number of superyachts in her waters.  About a dozen a year are welcomed and facilities such as the £4 million private jet terminal opened at Glasgow Airport in 2013 and the facilities at James Watt Marina in Greenock make Scotland an attractive destination for yachts en-route from the USA to the Meditteranean or for crew changes and maintenance. 

These yachts require highly trained professional crew who can cope with the challenges of navigating a ship safely around the world and meet the exceptional customer service standards expected of those who work in this environment. As Scotland’s flagship maritime training institution City of Glasgow College has chosen to work with another national body in the SportScotland National Sailing Centre in Cumbrae. The purpose of this partnership is to provide a training programme that meets the needs of the superyacht industry and provide an opportunity and pathway for young people in Scotland to access and develop careers in this sector. This is supported by Trinity House, who provide places on the course through their Merchant Navy Scholarship Scheme. Trinity House has been in existence since 1514 to provide support, welfare and education to seafarers.

The news articles below will give you more information about superyachts:-


This is a fully funded sandwich course with time spent in college and time spent at sea. There are three elements to the course:

  1. Professional Training - This will culminate in the MCA OOW Unlimited Certificate of Competency. The professional training includes all STCW courses and ancillary training detailed in the MCA MSN 1856 UK Requirements for Master and Deck Officer. It also includes a minimum of 12 months sea time which will be served on board your sponsoring companies vessels. As this qualification is fully commercial it should be noted that not all of your sea time will be on a superyacht. Your sea time may include superyachts, sail training vessels, or other commercial ships.
  2. Academic Qualification - The academic award you will gain is a ‘Scottish Professional Diploma in Marine Operations’. This incorporates an HND Nautical Science as well as three Professional Development Awards units at SCQF Level 9 designed to develop your critical thinking and analytical skills.
  3. Superyacht Specific Courses - These courses are delivered by our partners ‘SportScotland National Sailing Centre’ in Cumbrae. They take place at weekends and will develop skills desired by the industry such as powerboating and tender driving. 


To be considered for a place on the course you should in the first instance apply directly to a training provider. Trinity House is the training provider who arranges the sea time and their application process is managed by Chiltern Maritime: +44 (0) 300 303 3696.



The more advanced Royal Yachting Association (RYA) courses provide prerequisite training and qualifications for anyone aspiring to become a desk officer on a superyacht!

The superyacht sector of the maritime industry is expanding and there are fantastic career opportunities for anyone who wishes to become a deck officer in this exciting industry.

Your training towards becoming qualified in this exciting industry can commence before leaving school if you have an active interest in sailing or motor boating (sea service from the age of 16 years of age is accepted). You may already be considering a seagoing career or employed as a seafarer; whatever your circumstances, this guide will highlight the career progression options and study routes that are available.

The Superyacht Training Academy of the Faculty of Nautical Studies of the City of Glasgow College is currently developing a range of programmes and courses to provide routes to MCA certification at all levels up to Master. We already provide commercial merchant navy deck and engineering officer courses at all levels that are in accordance with the current STCW 2010 standards and are currently developing training courses to meet the future needs of the growing superyacht industry in association with our training partners both nationally and worldwide.

  • Stage 1: Beginner to RYA Yachtmaster Offshore.

  • Stage 2: MCA Commercial Endorsement.

  • Stage 3: MCA Commercial Endorsement.

  • Stage 4: Continued Route to Higher MCA Commercial Yachting Qualifications.

  • Stage 5: Chief Mate Yachts.

  • Stage 6: Master Yachts.

  • Stage 7: Master Yachts.

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