Vision, mission and values

Vision, mission and values

Our Vision

'As a world class institution we seek to redefine the learners' experience of a college education. Our staff, clustered in Faculties of national expertise, will pioneer new ways of learning, with seamless learning support opportunities.

Our curriculum and international partnership sharing will encourage individual learners to flourish, amidst an inclusive and diverse learning community.'

'Our vision is also to create Scotland's first College super campus and be a positive catalyst for change, in partnership with other civic institutions to regenerate and renew Glasgow City Centre and on the riverside.'

Our Mission

As a new College

'We will deliver world class learning for individuals and enterprises, for Glasgow, Scotland and the international community.'

Our Values

As a new College we will value

  • The individual
  • Equality, diversity and inclusiveness
  • Integrity, honesty and transparency
  • Excellence and achievement
  • Partnership
  • Innovation and enterprise
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