Frequently Asked Questions

Students at reception in City Campus.

Before you start

Q: When is my induction?

A: We’ll email you four weeks before your course start date about your Induction and Orientation visit. Our Induction and Orientation page has more information.

Q:  I don’t know how to enrol. Can someone help me?

A:  Student Services staff are available throughout the year and can help you with your enrolment. You can call, email or drop-in to see us.

Q:  Where can I get a copy of my timetable?

A:  Your timetable will be available during the Induction Week and a copy will be available on CityLife.

Q:  When will I receive my student card? 

A:  You’ll get your student card during your first timetabled week at College. Most students should receive their student card on the first day. 


Q:  Where are the toilets?

A:  At both campuses toilets are mainly located near to the stair wells. We have a number of single cubicle unisex toilets at both campuses. At City campus there are male and female toilets on most floors. You can find them at the central lift areas.

Q:  Is there somewhere for me to pray/meditate?

A:  Both campuses have a Quiet Reflection Room which is available for staff and students of all religions and none. At City Campus the Quiet Reflection Room is on Level 2 near Reception and at Riverside it’s on the ground floor. If you’re unsure where to go, ask a member of staff.

Q:  How do I get a locker?

A:  You need to pay a deposit of £10 at the College estore.  Locker keys will be given out by the Faculty teams.

Q:  Does the College have a nursery? 

A:  No, however, students can apply to the Childcare Fund for help with the cost of childcare. Contact our Student Funding Team for more information on applying. If you need help finding a nursery place, the Glasgow Family Information Service has a database of providers in Glasgow. 

Q:  Does the College have student accommodation? 

A:  Yes, we have our own accommodation at our Riverside Campus. Contact them at Student Services produce an Accommodation Guide with information on our own accommodation and private halls in the local area.

Q: Can I get a parking space?

A: There are a small number of spaces at both campuses for disabled students who have a Blue Badge. These are available on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Q: Does the College have an ATM?

A: There is an ATM at City Campus on the Ground Floor. There is a charge of £1.25 per transaction. 

IT Access

Q:  How do I log onto my City Account for the first time and how do I access the WiFi?

A: Your can find out how to log onto your City Account here and how to connect to WiFi (eduroam) here.  

Q:  Can I borrow a college laptop?

A: You will find out about IT requirements for your course at your induction. We have a small supply of laptops available for short-term loan through the Library.


Q:  I haven’t applied for funding yet, what should I do?

A:  Don’t panic:

  • If you’re studying below HNC you should apply for a College Bursary or EMA. If you haven’t received an email to activate your online account contact the Student Funding Team.
  • If you’re studying HNC or above you should apply to SAAS for funding, including your fees. If you don't apply for your fees to be paid, you will have to pay them yourself. Fees are £1,285 for HNC/D courses and £1,825 for degree courses. You should apply online at SAAS every year that you are studying.
  • If you’re studying a part-time HNC or above and earn less than £25,000 you can apply to SAAS for the Part-time Fee Grant. Apply every year that you are studying.

Q:  When is my first payment?

A:  It depends on your funding and if you’ve received an award letter. The first payment dates are:

  • College Bursary: 08th September 2023.
  • EMA: 15th September 2023.
  • SAAS Bursary and Student Loan: 28th August 2022.

Q:  Can I apply for help with my childcare cost?

A:  Yes. Lone Parents may get help with the full cost of childcare, while those with a partner may receive a contribution towards this cost. You should apply to the College as soon as possible as funds are limited. HNC/D students must be getting fees and full Student Loan to be able to apply.

Q: My Student Loan/SAAS letter says the college needs to confirm my matriculation. How does this happen?

A: Our Admissions team send a report to the Student Loans Company confirming that your have enrolled on your course. Student Loans will then release your first payments.

Q:  Why hasn’t my Student Loan been paid?

A:  There are a number of reasons why your loan might not have been paid:

  • You haven’t received an award letter from SAAS/SFE/SFNI/SFW.
  • You haven’t enrolled.
  • The Student Loans Company is waiting for DWP to confirm your National Insurance Number.
  • You applied to SAAS using a different College/University.
  • Your bank details are wrong.
  • Your name/address/course on your SAAS application is different from the College’s records so we cannot confirm your details.

If your loan hasn’t been paid, check your award letter first and if you think you should have received a payment, contact Student Services.

Q: I am an EU student. Can I apply for a Student Loan?

A:  EU students with settled/pre-settled status are entitled to apply to SAAS  for their funding. Contact SAAS on 0300 555 0505.

Q: If I leave the course early, do I have to pay anything?

A: If you leave a HNC/D course, you should let SAAS know immediately so they can stop your payments. 

Q:  Is there any extra financial help available at the College?

A:  Each year the College is given a limited amount of funds specifically to help students with financial problems. The fund is called the Hardship Fund.

  • To apply you must be getting the full funding available to you e.g. full Student Loan.
  • You do not pay this fund back.
  • It is available to full and part-time students, however, eligible part-time students can only get help with travel expenses and course materials.
  • Hardship Funds cannot be used to pay for fees.

Q:  Do I have to pay Council Tax while I’m at College?

A:  This will depend on your course:

Full-time students are eligible for Council Tax exemption/discount if:

  1. They are on an award bearing programme e.g. NC/NQ/HNC/HND/Degree; and
  2. Are studying more than 21 hours per week for at least 24 weeks in the academic year.

You need to apply to your local authority for an exemption or discount as it isn’t granted automatically when you become a student. You can bring your exemption form to Student Services to have your form signed and stamped from the first day of term.  Glasgow City Council residents can apply for exemption online at Student Records will confirm electronically that you're a full-time student.

Care Experienced students do not have to pay Council Tax until they are 26 years old. If you are Care Experienced you can download a form from Glasgow City Council. Social Work will need to confirm that you’re Care Experienced.

Part-time students and those on courses less than 24 weeks are not exempt and must pay Council Tax.

Q:  Does part-time work change my funding?

A:  No, it shouldn’t. Only unpaid income like Working Tax Credits would affect your funding.

On Course Support

Q:  How do I get help with study skills?

A:  If you let us know about a Disability or learning support need on your application/enrolment form, our Learning Support Team will get in touch with you. If you’re not sure, you can drop-in to see us in Student Services.

Q:  How do I get a Counselling Appointment?

A:  We provide a number of services to support student mental health throughout the year. You can book an appointment with one of our Counsellors on the Bookings App via CityLife. If you’re unsure but would like to talk to someone, you can also make an appointment with a Student Advisor for advice and practical support.

Q:  What should I do if I think I’m on the wrong course?

A:  Don’t worry. Sometimes courses are different at the beginning from what you thought it would be like. Start by talking to your course tutor. If you are still unsure, make an appointment with a Careers Advisor in Student Services. There may still be time for you to transfer onto another course even at another course. Remember we are here to help.

Q:  Can I get help to find part-time work?

A:  Yes, make an appointment to see a Careers Advisor. We get jobs in from local employers. These are advertised on our CityLife JobShop page. 

Q:  Can you help me to find a work experience placement related to my course?

A:  Careers Advisors can give you guidance and advice on finding work experience. Sometimes employers will send opportunities directly to us. Make an appointment and keep up-to-date with our CityLife page for opportunities.

Q:  Can you help me apply to University?

A:  Yes.  We put lots of support in place for university applications. Our Careers Advisors will hold application workshops from early September and can provide feedback on personal statements. If you’re unsure, make an appointment to speak to an Advisor.

Q:  Where do I get a proof of study letter?

A:  If you’re a full-time student, you can download your Student Status letter from CityLife.

Q:  I’m an ESOL student. Where do I get a proof of study letter?

A:  The ESOL department will give you a proof of study letter. Your teacher will arrange this for you. 

Q:  What do I do if I lose my student card?

A:  Replacement student cards cost £3. You can also buy a student lanyard for an additional £1. New student cards can be ordered online via CityLife. You can also pay for a new student card at Finance. Your new card can be picked up from Student Records, usually within 24 hours.

Q:  How do I get a student lanyard for my student card?

A:  All full-time students will be given a student lanyard at the start of the course.