Feedback, Complaints and Appeals

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Here to listen

To keep our standards high and offer you a better service, we're always committed to finding new ways of doing things. To do this, we provide several ways to submit feedback or complaints.


We always welcome your suggestions on how we do things and all comments are carefully considered. In particular, we believe it's important to get positive feedback on staff going above and beyond — so please let us know. You can fill out our feedback form here:


We all know that sometimes things go wrong. If your expectations haven't been met, please speak to your tutor, curriculum head, or relevant manager first — they may be able to deal with the situation immediately.

We take all complaints seriously and deal with them fairly, sensitively and in complete confidence. We'll try to resolve your complaint within five working days and only initiate a more detailed investigation if it's appropriate.

You'll find our guide to complaint handling here:

Once you've read it, you can fill out our complaint form here:

Tell Us in Writing

If you'd prefer to submit your feedback or complaint in writing, please download the relevant form here:

After filling it out, please post your form to:

Customer Relationship Manager
City of Glasgow College
190 Cathedral Steeet
G4 0RF

Alternatively, if you'd rather just write a letter without a form, please send it to the above address.

Help is at Hand

If you're not comfortable with giving feedback or making a complaint by yourself, our Student Services offer support and advice. If you need them, assistive technologies such as TextHelp, or voice recognition software are also available on request.

Complaint Reports

Your complaints provide invaluable feedback, so we keep a record of all comments for analysis and review. This helps us tackle any issues, identify training opportunities and improve our service. You'll find our quarterly complaint reports here:

How to Appeal Your Assessment

We know how important your results are to you. That's why, during any academic assessment, you should always be aware when and how you're being assessed, who is carrying it out and what the result is. Also remember that, in many instances, you can retake or remediate any work submitted for assessment.

If there is a problem — eg a dispute over a result, exemption, or course progression — then the Academic Appeals Procedure can help put your case forward. To find out more, read our handy guide here:

If you've exhausted this option, then you can appeal to the relevant examining or awarding body — eg SQA, City & Guilds, MCA — subject to their regulations. Information on these regulations, including how to contact the relevant examining body, is available from your senior course lecturer or the performance department, or by emailing:

If you feel that your assessment performance has been affected, you may also appeal in writing or by e-mail. You'll find more details of how to do this in the Student Guide.

Freedom of Information

Please see the FOI page for further information.