Circular Economy & the Construction Sector

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Circular Economy & the Construction Sector

The Construction Industry is the largest single industrial contributor to waste production in the UK. The growing recognition and further adoption of sustainable and circular construction practices has the potential to have a profound impact on the environmental and ecological impact of construction activity. The Scottish government programme of work for 2019 / 2020 has made a commitment to ensuring a review of construction that will meet the challenges of the climate change emergency and the ambition to provide affordable homes – skills and knowledge are at the heart of this.

“The vision for a future where the economy is regenerative and restorative by design will only become reality if we manage to shift our mindset” Iain Gulland, Chief Executive, Zero Waste Scotland.

We recently held two half-day courses on the Circular Economy & the Construction Sector. This course was specifically developed for Educators by City of Glasgow College and Glasgow Caledonian University in collaboration with Zero Waste Scotland.

“Waste in construction has always been included in the curriculum, but largely as a side issue. Looking at it from the outset, considering the whole life cycle of a building during and after use is vital in the current climate.” Andy Pollock, Associate Dean, Construction at City of Glasgow College

The course looked at the concepts & principles of the Circular Economy, how they apply to the construction sector and how waste can be minimised by applying these principles from the early stages of a build process. We highlighted best practice case studies from Scotland and the wider construction sector and attendees investigated how these principles can be introduced into the construction curriculum.

Teaching Materials

You can access presentations and workshops materials specifically developed for this below:-