Eduroam Wireless Network

Connecting a laptop to Eduroam

Eduroam Wireless Information

Eduroam is a secure wireless service which has been developed for the education community and allows you to bring your own device and access internet resources.  The wireless network eduroam is available at our Riverside and City Campus sites and Halls of Residence. 

College students and staff, as well as visitors from participating organisations, can use the eduroam wirelss network within the college and at participating institutions around the world. 

Benefits of Eduroam:

  • Usage of the wireless network at participating organisations worldwide.
  • Connecting to eduroam involves a one time set-up process.
  • No need to use different credentials to login at other locations.
  • Once set-up, connecting to eduroam is seamless and automatic.
  • Usage of eduroam is free. 

For a list of participating UK organisations and their locations, please refer to the Janet guide titled "Where Can I Eduroam UK?". 

For a list of participating organisations worldwide, please refer to the Janet guide titled "Where Can I Eduroam Worldwide?"

Terms and Conditions

The City of Glasgow College implements network proxies on its network and filtering as per the College Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).  When you connect to the college network you are agreeing to the terms of the Acceptable Use Policy and the Janet Eduroam UK policy.

When using eduroam at other institutions users must also abide by their policies.  As per the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy we will support customers using their own devices to access our wireless networks, however we do not support personal devices.

Please note this is an educational network which allows you filtered Internet access only. This is not an open network hence certain websites/ content, gaming services and apps might not be accessible or fully function when connected to eduroam. Dedicated email apps/ clients will allow you to receive mail but you cannot send email. If you have any queries related to this please contact the Operations Helpdesk.

You must only use your own personal account details to connect to eduroam and are not permitted to allow other users to access College systems with your account details.

How to Access Eduroam:

  • Your device must support WPA2 Enterprise in order to be able to connect to eduroam.
  • If you are a new student to the College, you must also ensure to login to a campus PC/ thin client and change your password from the default when accessing College systems for the first time before you can access eduroam.
  • Select the wireless network eduroam.
  • You will be prompted to enter a username and password. Enter the same username and password that you use for connecting to the College network followed by at the end of your username:


If you are prompted with a QuoVadis security certificate for, you must accept this certificate to proceed.

If you have any questions, need any help or require wireless access for visitors to the College, please contact the Operations Helpdesk on 0141 375 6600.

Eduroam User Guide.

Additional Information:

  • If you change your College network password, you will need to re-enter your password on your device to continue to access eduroam.
  • Once you have successfully authenticated for the first time, you will be automatically connected to eduroam from within the College and at other eduroam institutions.
  • In order to use eduroam in participating institutions you must first setup your device to connect to eduroam within the College.