Quality and Performance

Student pictured working at PC

Our performance

Throughout the year, we collect a range of important student performance data. This helps us identify the percentage of students who pass their qualification, achieve partial success, or don't succeed.

The link below contains a summary of our key results and the resulting actions for the 2017/18 academic year. It identifies all further education and higher education results, including those for guaranteed university partnership students:

Customer Service Excellence

Customer Service Excellence is the Government’s national standard for public service organisations. It offers a practical framework for driving customer-focused change, placing greater emphasis on insight and satisfaction measurement. In particular, it focuses on the areas that customers have indicated are a priority for them.

Leadership and Culture

Leadership and culture are vital if we are to deliver a quality student learning experience. Below, you'll find our Customer Care Charter, which shows our progress towards achieving our targets for standards of service:

Customer Service Reports

These reports also show how well we're achieving our standards of service targets: