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City Phonics for Individuals

According to the International Adult Literacy Study, approximately 800,000 adults in Scotland are classified as having very low literacy skills. For many people, lack of basic reading and writing skills keeps them from securing employment or may hamper their ability to perform daily tasks. 

If you are an employer who has identified an employee or employees who need to improve their literacy skills, please contact us. City Phonics is a public course run in a friendly, supportive environment. 

Course Overview

This course is designed for adults with severe literacy issues and ESOL Literacy learners.  Those affected by dyslexia and reluctant readers will also benefit from this course.  You will learn to read and write using a synthetic phonics-based system blending sounds to create words, linking them with images and advancing from simple to difficult words in order to construct sentences.  Lesson plans and resources available.


The four assessments are based on Listening, Blending, Reading and Writing.


Achieving this qualification will prepare you for:-

  • SCQF Level 2 English and Communication.
  • Essential Skills Entry level Literacy (England and Northern Ireland).
  • Essential Skills Level 1 (Wales).

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