EuroSkills2018_UK Parl Send-Off_LtoR Ross, Mark, Principal Little, Callum, Nicolle

WorldSkills Scots on their marks

Four young Scots take with them the best wishes of the nation as they set off for Budapest as part of Team UK in Europe’s most prestigious skills competition.

CoGC Cadets support Merchant Navy Day

City's Merchant Navy Cadets Support Memorial Day

More than four hundred Merchant Navy cadets from City of Glasgow College joined Glasgow’s Depute Lord Provost at a ceremony in George Square to mark Merchant Navy Memorial Day on Monday 3 September

CoGC Transformable Project: cardboard canoes set sail

Innovative cardboard canoes set sail

City of Glasgow College recently launched its Transformable Project with an inventive corrugated cardboard canoe and kayak race held during this year’s Glasgow Canals Festival on the Forth & Cl