European Projects

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City of Glasgow College has long established relationships with partners across the European Union (EU) and participate in funded projects that support students and staff, while providing an opportunity to share best practice.

The EU provides a rich cultural, social and educational environment for colleges to work with like-minded institutions and business partners and to facilitate the exchange of ideas between students and staff. In a highly competitive global marketplace, the EU also provides a vast resource of knowledge and skills.

City of Glasgow College currently holds an Erasmus Charter for higher education and is involved in a range of EU-funded projects, the most recent of which include:


This Marco Polo-funded project aims at increasing the usage of Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) which is considered to be the fuel of the future as it is cleaner than currently used fuels. Working with six other partners, we will be working on producing a series of training modules in the area of LNG.

Self-Assessment for Educational and Training Organisations (SAETO) Web Project: 

This Leonardo da Vinci-funded project, which has six other partners, aims to create and populate a web platform to coordinate international cooperation of the regional SAETO users and support partners.

Danish Exchange: 

We welcome Danish student groups from three Danish colleges — Aars, Tradium and EUC Nord — in the areas of marketing and languages.

Erasmus Plus: 

We also host students from the University of Caen in the areas of marketing and Mechanical Engineering. Erasmus Plus has also allowed the college to fund 36 staff mobility places in 2015-16, sending colleagues to partner institutions across the EU.

Want to Know More?

If you'd like to find out more about opportunities in EU-funded projects, contact our European team at: