Foundation Apprenticeships

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Foundation Apprenticeships

Foundation Apprenticeships are a blended learning approach for school pupils combining a work-based qualification with academic learning and industry involvement as part of the senior phase curriculum.

Starting in S5, Foundation Apprenticeship programmes take two years to complete.  Pupils spend part of the week out of school at a college doing hands-on learning.  They’ll also undertake high quality work placement with employers and at the end they’ll receive an industry-recognised qualification.

The three Glasgow colleges, Glasgow Kelvin, City of Glasgow and Glasgow Clyde are offering a regional programme of Foundation Apprenticeships, closing the gap between the classroom and the workplace.

Foundation Apprenticeships have been developed in partnership with local authorities, schools, colleges and industry to create better links between education and local employers.

By providing more flexibility in the senior phase of secondary education, Foundation Apprenticeships support more young people to achieve their full potential. They are getting earlier exposure to the world of work which will result in improved prospects of employment.

Introducing industry and employers to young people while they are still at school could also help address gender imbalance across occupations.

For employers it can be an excellent way to recruit and secure the future workforce.

For more information or to apply go to our Foundation Apprenticeship Glasgow website

Food and Drink Technologies Foundation Apprenticeship

This apprenticeship gives you the chance to learn about the principles of food science and food safety, from developing marketable food products for today’s consumer to the care, legislation and processes involved in creating those products. You'll learn in a hands-on way, both in the classroom and as part of a placement in a real workplace.

You will gain knowledge and experience of food & drink production and its complex supply chain. You will be given an insight into the Fundamentals of Food Science, Food Production, Commercial and Social Drivers and Sustainability.  It's an opportunity to delve into the background of food and drink manufacturing that can be applied to a range of food products, as well as knowledge of relevant legislation, awareness of the commercial and social drivers and the effect on the industry with regard to global sustainability issues. This course includes REHIS Food Hygiene and Health & Safety both of which are expected as standard in the industry. These certificates will help you in the work placement and increase your employability.


SDS and Colleges working together on Foundation Apprenticeships