Foundation Apprenticeships

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When should I apply for a Foundation Apprenticeship?

Applications open Monday 20th February 2023.

Our admissions procedures aim to treat everyone who applies fairly. If you meet the entry qualifications for the course, and we have places available, we'll make you a direct offer. You'll find details of entry qualifications and selection criteria on the course information pages.

What if I'm Applying for More Than One Course?

You can choose up to 2 courses and list your choices in order of preference — we’ll start with your first choice when considering your application. If this is unsuccessful, or the course is full, we’ll move on to your second choice. This gives everyone a better chance of securing their first choice course.

What Happens When I Apply?

You'll be asked to complete a simple registration process to create your account. You'll need a current email, and we'll use this to contact you throughout the admissions process. (Please check your spam or junk email folders in case emails have been placed there instead of your Inbox).

Once you’ve set this up, you can:

  • Complete the application form.
  • Track progress on your course choice(s).
  • Accept or decline any conditional offer (conditions e.g. what exams you need to pass will be in your offer).
  • Accept or decline any definite offer (successful in application)
  • Enrol.

You'll receive an acknowledgement as soon as you apply. We will advise you on the progress of your application within 3-6 weeks.

You’ll be asked a number of questions when completing your application, such as:

  • What qualifications do you have or are working towards. If you don’t have the minimum entry requirements we’ll refer your application to the Curriculum Team to decide whether to progress with your application. So make sure you include relevant work experience and a personal statement.
  • Personal statement - Tell us in your own words a bit about yourself, why your chosen course(s) interest you and why you’re suitable for the course(s). We recommend that you prepare your personal statement in advance, then simply paste it into the application form.
  • We’ll ask you to disclose any disability, for example, a mental health condition, learning difficulty or physical impairment. Your answers are treated confidentially and we will contact your school to discuss support needs (if you have been made an offer).

For further information on the support, we provide please visit our support page.

What if I Can't Apply Online?

We can help you complete a paper application.

What Else Should I Know?

We've only a limited number of places on each course and we only make offers if there are still places available.  We'll progress your application in date order and as quickly as we can.

What Happens Next?

If you get a place on your first choice course, we’ll automatically cancel your second choice when you accept your offer to give others a chance. If your first choice course is full, we’ll let you know and put you on the waiting list. We’ll then progress to your second choice and let you know the decision on each choice. If both your choices are full, we may offer you an alternative course.

So What Should I Do After Receiving My Offer?

Once you receive an offer, you must accept or decline within two weeks. If we don’t hear from you, we’ll cancel the offer.

When you accept your Definite Offer you can then enrol. You must enrol within 6 weeks of accepting your Definite Offer. If you don't enrol we'll cancel your offer.

Induction information will be sent to you 4-6 weeks before the course starts.

How Will I Know if I'm Not Successful?

If you don’t meet the entry requirements for a course, we’ll let you know. We may offer you an alternative course.

What if All My Course Choices Are Full?

If one of your course choices is full, we'll put you on the waiting list and progress your second choice. If all your course choices are full and you want to be considered for something else or need advice, please contact us.

Who Should I Speak to if I’m Not Sure About Anything?

You can track the progress of your application by logging in to your MyApplications account.

If you have any questions, contact us.

Contact Details

Our team is available via email or phone Monday to Friday 8.45am-4.45pm.